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1998Interfacing nations Indo / Pakistani / Canadian : reflections on the 50th anniversary of India's independenceCanadian Asian Studies Association; Shastri Indo-Canadian Institute; Chowdhari Tremblay, R.; Dwivedi, O.P.; Farber, C.; Inglis, S.; Lele, J.IDRC Only
1975Interfacing of S & T planning with economic development planKyu Bok WhangIDRC Only
1993Interfacing science and technology with industry and government in Zambia : a Zambia country reportMudenda, G.IDRC Only
1993Interfacing science and technology with industry and government in Zimbabwe : a Zimbabwe country reportMudenda, G.IDRC Only
2009Intergenerational participatory discussion groups foster knowledge exchange to improve child nutrition and food security in northern MalawiSatzinger, Franziska; Kerr, Rachel Bezner; Shumba, LizzieIDRC Only
1979Intergovernmental conference on scientific and technological information for developmentLoehner, W.Open Access
1979Intergovernmental Conference on Scientific and Technological Information for Development (UNISIST II) : main issues and resultsUnesco. General Information Programme; Lohner, W.IDRC Only
2002Intergovernmental cooperation for mission - oriented information systems : a memoirWoolston, J.E.IDRC Only
1988Interim evaluation / East and Southern Africa Root Crop Research Network ProjectInternational Institute of Tropical AgricultureOpen Access
1976Interim evaluation of the World Fertility Survey (WFS) : final reportWorld Fertility Survey; US. AID; UNFPAIDRC Only
1993Interim final report / Environmental Health Regional Information Network (CEHANET) phase II covering the period 1 April 1991 to 1 March 1993WHO Regional Office for the Eastern Mediterranean. Centre for Environmental Health Activities (CEHA)IDRC Only
1983Interim narrative report / Oral Rehydration Salts, Phase II : promotion of acceptability and of safe, effective useProgram for Appropriate Technology in HealthIDRC Only
1992Interim progress report, 1 Jan.-30 Sept. 1992B.C. Hydro; Pakistan. Water and Power Development AuthorityIDRC Only
1986Interim progress report, Mar. 1985-Mar. 1986 : INFOPLAN - Brazil (preliminary phase)Stenzel, N.IDRC Only
1997Interim report : making connections; an assessment of the information and communication technology needs of CREDESA for health care work in the Ouidah District of BeninCentre régional pour le développement et la santé; Bopp, M.; Neufeld, R.IDRC Only
2003Interim report of the ecosystem health project on plague (Tanzania) for the period Jan. 2002 - Jan. 2003 i.e. first year of implementationKilonzo, B.S.; Lwihula, G.K.; Kwesigabo, G.; Lyamuya, E.F.IDRC Only
2000Interim report of the technical task team to develop an effective and inclusive policy on the informal economy for the North and South central local councils-IDRC Only
1997Interim report on feasibility study of information / communication technology in the health sector of BeninCentre régional pour le développement et la santéIDRC Only
1989Interim Report on Soil Fauna and Composting in the Wadi Allaqi ProjectGhabbour, Samir; Mikhail, Wafai Z AIDRC Only
1983Interim report on the refugee scientists from developing countries with special reference to AfricaRwetsiba, William W.IDRC Only