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1990International monetary system and its reform ; papers prepared for the Group of Twenty-Four by a United Nations project directed by Sidney Dell, 1979-1986; part 4Dell, Sidney; Tinbergen, J.; Jorgenson, D.W.; Waelbroeck, J.IDRC Only
2007International money transfer services market in Uzbekistan : development, competition and trendsAntimonopoly Policy Improvement Center, State Committee of Republic Uzbekistan on Demonopolization, Support of Competition and EntrepreneurshipOpen Access
1996International multimedia consortium for environment and development : end of phase II reportBriggs, J.H.; Oates, N.IDRC Only
1985International mungbean nursery : performance of the ninth (1981) and tenth (1983) IMNAsian Vegetable Research and Development Center; Chang Soon Ahn; Jin Hu Chen; Hao Koan ChenIDRC Only
2000International negotiations of PPMs : possible, appropriate, convenient?Tussie, D.; Vásquez, P.Open Access
1984International network for the improvement of bananas and plantains (INIBAP) : a discussion paper presented by IDRC to a donor group meeting in Rome, May 22, 1984IDRC, Agriculture, Food and Nutrition Sciences Division; Nestel, B.Open Access
1992International NGO community and the United Nations : developing a post - UNCED agenda-IDRC Only
1995International NGO consultation on the mountain agenda : summary report and recommendations to the United Nations Commission on Sustainable Development-IDRC Only
1979International Nuclear Information System (INIS)Pryor, H.E.Open Access
2006International nurse recruitment in IndiaKhadria, BinodIDRC Only
1990International online database searching : report on a consultancy to the Royal Scientific Society and National Information System, JordanBrodie, LynnIDRC Only
2004International Open Source Network (IOSN): Building a Global ResourceAbraham, Sunil; Yusof, KhairilIDRC Only
2007International Open Source Network, final technical reportUNDP Asia-Pacific Development Information ProgrammeIDRC Only
2000International Peace Academy : from reaction to prevention; opportunities for the UN system in the new millennium, New York, NY, Apr. 13-14, 2000O'Neil, MaureenOpen Access
1979International perspectives of biomassBene, J.G.IDRC Only
1989International Population Conference, New Delhi, 20-27 September, 1989International Union for the Scientific Study of Population; Union internationale pour l'étude scientifique de la populationIDRC Only
2000International pressure and environmental performance : the experience of South African exportersBethlehem, L.Open Access
1996International Programme on Chemical Safety IPCS INTOX project : policy paper on the future of the project; adopted at the Ninth Meeting of the Poisons Centre Working Group for the IPCS INTOX Project (INTOX - 9), Cardiff, United Kingdom, 2-6 Sept. 1996International Programme on Chemical SafetyIDRC Only
2004International protection of geographical indications : the Asian experienceRangnekar, D.IDRC Only
2005International recruitment of nurses : Nigerian case studyDare, O.O.; Ikenyei, U.; Obaseki, P.; Afolabi, C.; Jemilugba, M.IDRC Only