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1979Inter-university Council in Great BritainGriffiths, R.Open Access
1984Interacción entre productores rurales y ambiente natural : apuntes para una tipologíaFundación Bariloche; Gutman, P.IDRC Only
1989Interacción madre - hijo : su impacto en la competencia intelectual de los niñosKotliarenco, M. Angélica; Fuentes L., Ana; Mendez S., BernarditaIDRC Only
2006Interacting social dynamics in young people's social exclusionBatan, Clarence M.IDRC Only
1982Interaction between agronomic research and agricultural economic analysis to develop successful dryland cropping systems in KenyaNadar, H.M.; Rodewald, G.E.Open Access
Sep-2010Interaction between Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) Indicators and the STI Policy AgendaBell, MartinIDRC Only
1979Interaction between socioeconomic policy and scientific and technological planning in VenezuelaMatos Azocar, L.Open Access
1985Interaction between temperatures, airflow and chimney design in indirect free convective solar dryersBassey, M.W.Open Access
1974Interaction of agriculture with food scienceMacIntyre, ReginaldOpen Access
1977Interaction of lime with minor elements and phosphorus in cassava productionHoweler, R.H.; Cadavid, L.F.; Calvo, F.A.Open Access
2006Interaction, environnement et santé : les chercheurs pour une démarche globale de l'institutionnalisation de l'approche écosystème et santé humaineMané, DaoudaIDRC Only
2010Interactions between HIV/AIDS and the environment : a review of the evidence and recommendations for next stepsBolton, Susan; Talman, AnnaIDRC Only
2010Interactions between public research organisations and industry in ArgentinaArza, Valeria; Vazquez, ClaudiaIDRC Only
2010Interactions between universities and firms : searching for paths to support the changing role of universities in the South; final technical reportOrozco, Jeffrey; Ruiz, Keynor; Hernandez, Aram; Chacón, Wendy; González, Maria Fernanda; Sánchez, Rafael; Arce, EuniceIDRC Only
2009Interactions between universities and firms : searching for paths to support the changing role of universities in the South; report of MexicoDutrénit, Gabriela; Torres Vargas, Arturo; Corona, Juan Manuel; De Fuentes, Claudia; Sampedro, José Luis; Becerra, Noé; Amaro, MarcelaIDRC Only
2014Interactive effects of water-table depth, rainfall variation, and sowing date on maize production in the Western PampasFlorio, E.L.; Mercau, J.L.; Jobbágy, E.G.; Nosetto, M.D.IDRC Only
1989Interactive graphic system for the analysis and evaluation of regional / national transportation networksUniversité de Montréal; Crainic, T.G.IDRC Only
2005Interactive online government information service system for SME in Ho chi minh city, Vietnam : final technical reportHo Chi Minh City Centre for Science and Technology InformationIDRC Only
2003Interactive policy process against poverty : researchers and policymakers in Senegal create home-grown strategiesStanley, BobOpen Access
2006Intercambio de conocimientos para el desarrollo comunitario rural : ecos del taller sur - sur, Ecuador, marzo 2006Agencia Latinoamericana de Información (ALAI)IDRC Only