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1969International Development Centre : report of the Cabinet Steering CommitteeCanada. Cabinet, International Development Centre Steering CommitteeIDRC Only
1995International development challenges : notes for remarks by ... on the occasion of the 25th anniversary dinner of International Development Research Centre and launching of "Friends of IDRC"Strong, M.F.Open Access
1977International development co-operation : Canada's roleStrong, M.F.IDRC Only
2006International Development Enterprises PRISM research household questionaireIDE (International Development Enterprises)IDRC Only
1991International Development Information Network (IDIN) Research in Progress - ADIPA component, Phase I : final technical and financial report (for the period July 1988 to July 1991)International Development Information NetworkIDRC Only
1991International Development Information Network on Research in Progress (IDIN)International Development Information NetworkIDRC Only
1991International Development Information Network on Research in Progress (IDIN) : final reportCouncil for the Development of Economic and Social Research in Africa (CODESRIA)IDRC Only
1979International Development Office of the Association of Universities and Colleges of CanadaOliver, M.Open Access
1975International Development Research CenterIDRC. Middle East and North Africa Regional OfficeOpen Access
30-Jul-2012International Development Research Center Support to the Prince Mahidol Award Conference 2012 - Final ReportKanchanachitra, ChurnrurtaiIDRC Only
1997International Development Research CentreMcConnell, P.; Chataway, B.IDRC Only
1975International Development Research CentreClement, G.H.IDRC Only
1973International Development Research CentreIDRC; Spurgeon, D.IDRC Only
1970International Development Research CentreIDRCOpen Access
1992International Development Research Centre "A New Departure" : recommendations on the future form, responsibilities and relationships of the IDRC Regional OfficesKirby, G.M.; Herzka, C.IDRC Only
-International Development Research Centre (Canada)International Council of Voluntary AgenciesIDRC Only
1984International Development Research Centre (IDRC)Nielsen, H.D.IDRC Only
1974International Development Research Centre (IDRC)Deutsche Stiftung fuer Internationale Entwicklung; Woolston, J.E.IDRC Only
2004International Development Research Centre (IDRC) - 2004IDRCOpen Access
2005International Development Research Centre (IDRC) - 2005IDRCOpen Access