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1995Institutional assessment : a framework for strengthening organizational capacity for IDRC's research partnersIDRC; Lusthaus, C.; Anderson, G.; Murphy, E.Open Access
2007Institutional assessment for effective WDM implementation and capacity developmentBrooks, David; Regional Water Demand Initiative for the Middle East and North Africa (WaDImena); Wolfe, SarahIDRC Only
1996Institutional change : preserving excellence, values and missionGuilmette, J.H.Open Access
2002Institutional change and forest management : the case of Tlalmanalco, MexicoRaufflet, E.IDRC Only
1991Institutional constraints to economic policies : wage bargaining and stabilization in BrazilPontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio de Janeiro; Amadeo, E.J.IDRC Only
1990Institutional development in population and reproductive health : proceedings of a workshop held in Saly Portudal, Senegal, 3-4 Nov. 1988CRDI. Bureau régional pour l'Afrique centrale et occidentale; IDRC; CRDIOpen Access
1981Institutional development study of the SEAFDEC Aquacultre Dept. : module IUP Business Research Foundation, Inc.IDRC Only
1993Institutional evaluation : a framework for building organizational capacity for IDRC's research partnersIDRC. Evaluation UnitOpen Access
2007Institutional framework in relation to climate change in West and Central Africa : final reportNiang, IsabelleOpen Access
2011Institutional Innovations for the Promotion of Intra-Party Democracy: A Case Study of the Party Congress Standing Committee in Ya’anGuolan, XiangIDRC Only
1973Institutional likns in science and technology : the case of the United Kingdom and ThailandApplied Scientific Research Corporation of Thailand; University of Sussex; Glyde, H.R.Open Access
2008Institutional mapping for climate change adaptation in Eastern Africa : final reportKituyi, EvansOpen Access
1975Institutional modernization in Nigeria : summary of research and findingsAwa, E.O.IDRC Only
2011Institutional perceptions of opportunities and challenges of REDD+ in the Congo basinPeach Brown, H.Carolyn; Smit, Barry; Sonwa, Denis J.; Somorin, Olufunso A.; Nkem, JohnsonIDRC Only
21-May-2014Institutional reform goal report on intellectual property and access to medications / Beyond 2015 - Towards a New Consensus on Ending Global PovertyWolitz, RebeccaOpen Access
15-Jun-2014Institutional reform goals : illicit trade-related flows / Beyond 2015 - Towards a New Consensus on Ending Global PovertyShubert, EstherOpen Access
1999Institutional reform, price deregulation and technological change in smallholder agriculture : a study of Nigeria's river basin development authorities and their clientele farmersAfrican Technology Policy Studies Network; Eboh, E.C.; Omaliko, C.P.E.IDRC Only
1995Institutional reforms and the management of exchange rate policy in NigeriaOdubogun, K.Open Access
1973Institutional roles in technology transfer; a diagnosis of the situation in one small country.Allen, T.J.; Cooney, S.IDRC Only
1997Institutional self-assessment of the Centre on Integrated Rural Development for Asia and the Pacific (CIRDAP)Centre on Integrated Rural Development for Asia and the PacificOpen Access