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2005Information society for the South : vision or hallucination?; briefing papers towards the World Summit on the Information SocietyInstituto del Tercer MundoIDRC Only
2011Information Society for the South Programme : final technical reportIT for ChangeIDRC Only
2006Information society in Palestine : the human capital dimensionZureik, Elia; Faris, Samer; Jillson, Irene; Baidas, Rida; Sartawi, BadieOpen Access
2012Information Society Innovation Fund - ISIF : interim technical reportCadena, SylviaOpen Access
1990Information strategy for AfricaAkhtar, S.IDRC Only
1985Information strategy of the CommissionWorld Commission on Environment and DevelopmentOpen Access
1977Information sur le développement : nécessité de la coopération nationale, régionale et internationaleWild, K.IDRC Only
1989Information sur le SIDA au Kenya : du goutte à goutte à l'inondationOrlale, O.Open Access
1994Information system for industrial development in Zambia : some basic considerationsLundu, M.IDRC Only
1979Information system for planning in Latin America and the Caribbean : a basic instrument for coordination and cooperation among developing countriesCentro Latinoamericano de Documentación Económica y SocialIDRC Only
1994Information system for the assessment and decision support in the control of malaria : phase II report, May 1993-Apr. 1994Fonseca Nobre, F.IDRC Only
1969Information system study reportKelly, A.M.IDRC Only
1987Information systems and development : review of experience and approaches to the futureAlBanna, S.J.IDRC Only
1978Information systems and services in the UN family of organisationsAubrac, R.IDRC Only
1985Information systems and services to support the world communityStone, M.B.IDRC Only
1980Information systems for choice of technologies : report of Asian Regional Technical Consultation, Hyderabad, India, 8-13 Sept. 1980ILO. Regional Office for Asia; Regional Centre for Technology TransferIDRC Only
1985Information systems for development : IDRC's information sciences programs in the Third WorldGodfrey, C.A.Open Access
1984Information systems for energy planning and managementEnergy Research Group; Bernardini, O.IDRC Only
1976Information systems in the context of a New International Economic OrderWoolston, J.E.IDRC Only
2010Information Technologies & International Development (ITID), v. 6, Special edition 2010 (Harvard Forum II Essays)USC Annenberg School for Communication & JournalismOpen Access