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2002Institutional change and forest management : the case of Tlalmanalco, MexicoRaufflet, E.IDRC Only
1991Institutional constraints to economic policies : wage bargaining and stabilization in BrazilPontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio de Janeiro; Amadeo, E.J.IDRC Only
1990Institutional development in population and reproductive health : proceedings of a workshop held in Saly Portudal, Senegal, 3-4 Nov. 1988CRDI. Bureau régional pour l'Afrique centrale et occidentale; IDRC; CRDIOpen Access
1981Institutional development study of the SEAFDEC Aquacultre Dept. : module IUP Business Research Foundation, Inc.IDRC Only
1993Institutional evaluation : a framework for building organizational capacity for IDRC's research partnersIDRC. Evaluation UnitOpen Access
2007Institutional framework in relation to climate change in West and Central Africa : final reportNiang, IsabelleOpen Access
2011Institutional Innovations for the Promotion of Intra-Party Democracy: A Case Study of the Party Congress Standing Committee in Ya’anGuolan, XiangIDRC Only
1973Institutional likns in science and technology : the case of the United Kingdom and ThailandApplied Scientific Research Corporation of Thailand; University of Sussex; Glyde, H.R.Open Access
2008Institutional mapping for climate change adaptation in Eastern Africa : final reportKituyi, EvansOpen Access
1975Institutional modernization in Nigeria : summary of research and findingsAwa, E.O.IDRC Only
2011Institutional perceptions of opportunities and challenges of REDD+ in the Congo basinPeach Brown, H.Carolyn; Smit, Barry; Sonwa, Denis J.; Somorin, Olufunso A.; Nkem, JohnsonIDRC Only
21-May-2014Institutional reform goal report on intellectual property and access to medications / Beyond 2015 - Towards a New Consensus on Ending Global PovertyWolitz, RebeccaOpen Access
15-Jun-2014Institutional reform goals : illicit trade-related flows / Beyond 2015 - Towards a New Consensus on Ending Global PovertyShubert, EstherOpen Access
1999Institutional reform, price deregulation and technological change in smallholder agriculture : a study of Nigeria's river basin development authorities and their clientele farmersAfrican Technology Policy Studies Network; Eboh, E.C.; Omaliko, C.P.E.IDRC Only
1995Institutional reforms and the management of exchange rate policy in NigeriaOdubogun, K.Open Access
1973Institutional roles in technology transfer; a diagnosis of the situation in one small country.Allen, T.J.; Cooney, S.IDRC Only
1997Institutional self-assessment of the Centre on Integrated Rural Development for Asia and the Pacific (CIRDAP)Centre on Integrated Rural Development for Asia and the PacificOpen Access
1995Institutional strengthening to enhance delivery capability of support services to small scale enterprises (SISSE) project : completion reportTECHNONET AsiaIDRC Only
1996Institutional structure, government policy and economic performance in TurkeyEconomic Research Forum; Esfahani, Hadi SalehiOpen Access
1985Institutional support to the Southern ConeIDRCOpen Access