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1993Information for decision makingValantin, R.; Creech, H.IDRC Only
1995Information for decision making in the Caribbean CommunityCollins, C.Open Access
1997Information for decision making in the Caribbean community : final reportCollins, C.IDRC Only
1992Information for decision making in the Caribbean community : measurement of performance, efficiency and value of information network, services and products; a survey reportUniversity of the West Indies; Tindigarukayo, J.K.IDRC Only
1992Information for decision making in the Caribbean community : report on the analysis of questionnaire responses from the survey of decision makers in various Caribbean institutions and companies to determine the information seeking habits of these officialsCaribbean CommunityIDRC Only
1993Information for developmentOrganisation of Eastern Caribbean StatesIDRC Only
1994Information for development : a Canadian perspectiveMcConnell, P.; Nijhawan, T.Open Access
1988Information for development : a strategy for Sub-Saharan AfricaIDRC. Information Sciences DivisionIDRC Only
1990Information for development : experiences of the International Development Research CentreMcConnell, P.IDRC Only
1979Information for development in Latin America and the Caribbean : summary of a meeting held in Cali, Colombia, 23-28 Oct. 1977IDRC; ECLA; Inter-American Development BankOpen Access
1979Information for development planning : report of the Seminar on Information for Development Planning, Pattaya, Thailand, 23-27 Jan. 1978Asian and Pacific Development Institute; National Institute of Development Administration; de Silva, V.P.IDRC Only
1978Information for development research : the first seven years of the IDRC Information Sciences ProgramBrandreth, M.Open Access
1995Information for development, democracy and security in Southern Africa : research termination reportSouthern African Regional Institute for Policy Studies; Abate, D.IDRC Only
1976Information for development.Urquidi, V.L.; Hernandez, F.A.IDRC Only
1999Information for malaria control in Africa : are we ready?de Savigny, D.IDRC Only
1995Information for policy formulation : Latin America and the CaribbeanDurrant, F.Open Access
1993Information for SMEs : an evaluation of the Industry and Technology Information Sub-ProgrammeHénault, G.; Melesse, M.Open Access
11-Apr-2001Information for underdeveloped communitiesStavrou, AkiIDRC Only
1989Information for women in food productionMathangani, Salome W.; Maina, Grace; Kamau, IreneIDRC Only
2009Information from markets near and far : mobile phones and grain markets in NigerAker, Jenny C.IDRC Only