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1997Information and Communications Management Strategy (ICMS) : an overview and proposal for actionIDRC. Advisory Committee on Information ManagementOpen Access
12-Aug-2011Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) and Water in the Face of Climate Change: Issues and Research Priorities in AsiaShaw, RajibIDRC Only
1996Information and Communications Technologies (ICTs) and governance : linkages and challengesInstitute on GovernanceOpen Access
2011Information and Communications Technologies, Water and Climate Change Issues and Research Priorities in Latin America and the CaribbeanCliche, Gilles Cliche; Saravia, MiguelIDRC Only
1982Information and documentation : the expectations of developing countries ... Montreal, Nov. 16-17, 1981Association pour l'avancement des sciences et des techniques de la documentation, Comité de relations internationales; Unesco; IDRC; CRDI; Université de Montréal, Ecole de bibliothéconomie; Lévesque, A.; Sorieul, F.; Wilson, L.IDRC Only
1991Information and documentation for banana and plantain in East Africa : a report on a regional workshop, Bujumbura, Burundi, 18-23 June 1990International Network for the Improvement of Banana and Plantain; Arnaud, E.IDRC Only
1977Information and documentation for development : analysis and presentation of an inventory for a Latin American countryCentro Latinoamericano de Documentación Económica y SocialIDRC Only
1978Information and documentation for development in Trinidad and Tobago : volume 1, summary and main results of an inventoryCEPAL/CladesIDRC Only
1978Information and documentation for development in Trinidad and Tobago : volume 2, methodology and detailed analysis of an inventoryCEPAL/CladesIDRC Only
1989Information and documentation system for banana and plantain : proceedings of a workshop held at La Grande Motte, France, 2-5 June 1987International Network for the Improvement of Banana and Plantain; Thompson, P.A.; Picq, C.Open Access
1995Information and IDRC : a review of the information systems, services, products, and programs of IDRCMcConnell, P.; Chataway, B.Open Access
1994Information and knowledge inputs : combatting desertification in Africa and transboundary air pollution in EuropeAkhtar, S.; Abate, D.IDRC Only
20-Oct-2015Information and Networks (I&N) Program Review Panel : external review final reportParé, Daniel J.; Acevedo, Manuel; Garcia-Murillo, Martha A.; Garton, KellyOpen Access
Sep-1996Information and telecommunication technologies : the impact of their adoption on small and medium sized enterprisesLefebvre, Elisabeth; Lefebvre, Louis A.Open Access
1995Information and the problems of urban agriculture in Tanzania : intentions and realizationsMlozi, M.R.S.IDRC Only
1978Information and the rural community in developing countries : the case of the PhilippinesBroadbent, K.P.IDRC Only
1995Information as a transformative tool : the gender dimensionIDRC, Gender and Information Working GroupOpen Access
1991Information as an economic resource in agricultural developmentTay, T.H.Open Access
1989Information as antidoteDelaney, F.Open Access
1979Information au service des décideursFleury, J.M.Open Access