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1993Information technology policies for sustainable and equitable development : Latin America and the Caribbean; report of meeting, Apr. 1-2, 1993-IDRC Only
1997Information technology support to developing countries : the Canadian experienceBezanson, K.A.IDRC Only
1998Information technology, globalization and marginalizationJames, J.Open Access
1994Information to SMEs in developing countries : some lessons from IDRC's experienceUniversity of Ottawa; Lafond, R.; Hénault, G.; Melesse, M.Open Access
1985Information tools and methods : a conceptual model for support for information technologies research for developing countriesIDRCIDRC Only
1993Information tools and their transferValantin, R.IDRC Only
1993Information update / BAIF Development Research Foundation, Information Resource Centre, Sept./Oct. 1993 - May/Aug. 1994BAIF Development Research FoundationIDRC Only
2002Information village research project in union territory of Pondicherry : second phase; first year report, July 2000 - Mar. 2002M.S. Swaminathan Research FoundationOpen Access
1993Information, communication and IDRC, no. 1, December 1993 : partners in capacity buildingIDRCOpen Access
1994Information, communication and IDRC, no. 2, August 1994 : informatics for development; global opportunities and challengesIDRCOpen Access
1995Information, communication and IDRC, no. 3, May 1995 : towards integrated program delivery; ISS division faces new challengeIDRCOpen Access
1995Information, communication and IDRC, no. 4, December 1995 : the information and communication program of IDRC; a celebration of 25 yearsIDRCOpen Access
1993Information, communication et le CRDI, no. 1, décembre 1993 : partenaires en création de compétencesCRDIOpen Access
1994Information, communication et le CRDI, no. 2, août 1994 : informatique pour le développementCRDIOpen Access
1995Information, communication et le CRDI, no. 3, mai 1995 : vers la prestation d'un programme intégré; un nouveau défi pour la DSSICRDIOpen Access
1995Information, communication et le CRDI, no. 4, décembre 1995 : le programme d'information et de communication du CRDI; 25 ans déjàCRDIOpen Access
1986Information, education and communication (IEC) package for promoting breastfeeding in three cities of Mindanao, Philippines : final report submitted to the International Development Research CentreDurante, O.; Aguilar, R.; Lacuesta, M.; Sotto, M.O.Open Access
1996Information, outil de transformation : la dimension sexuelleStone, M.B.; Bessette, G.; Balson, D.; Chataway, B.; Cooke, A.Open Access
2006Information, Technology and Society (ITS) Programme Initiative prospectus 2006-2011International Development Research Centre (IDRC)Open Access
1990Information, une ressource à partager : vingt années d'expérience du CRDIAkhtar, ShahidOpen Access