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1991Information needs in developing countriesBroadbent, K.P.IDRC Only
1981Information needs of agricultural research for more effective research managementBroadbent, K.P.IDRC Only
1995Information Network on New and Renewable Energy Resources and Technologies for Asia and the Pacific (INNERTAP) : IDRC - supported information activities - phase II; third and final report-IDRC Only
2000Information Networking on Medicinal Plants : Towards a Global Strategy, Neemrana Fort Palace, India, Nov. 17-19, 1999IDRCOpen Access
2003Information networks : investigating the information behaviour of Mongolia's urban residentsJohnson, C.A.IDRC Only
1985Information on cooperation between the CMEA member countries in the field of environmental protection and improvement and the related rational use of natural resourcesCouncil for Mutual Economic Assistance, SecretariatIDRC Only
1975Information on countries' policies, activities and research needs for development : Panama, case study; document no. 1, Panama's global development policyIDRC. Regional Office for Latin America and the Caribbean, Program Support UnitOpen Access
1975Information on countries' policies, activities and research needs for development : Panama, case study; document no. 2, health sectorIDRC. Latin America Regional Office, Program Support UnitOpen Access
1998Information on environmentally sound technologies for Andean SME's (Información sobre tecnologías ecológicamente acertadas para pequeñas y medianas empresas en el Area Andina) : informe tecnico final, periodo nov. 1993 - jun. 1997Instituto de Investigaciones Socio-Económicas y TecnológicasIDRC Only
1998Information on gender related research and training at IDRCIDRCOpen Access
2011Information on GRACE contributions to the field of ICT for development from a gender equality and women's empowerment perspective : publications, policy influence and profile raising activities accomplished, currently underway, and planned contributionsGender Research in Africa into ICTs for Empowerment (GRACE)Open Access
1988Information package for STI project management meeting, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, 20-25 Nov., 1988IDRCOpen Access
1976Information policy for development : national and international responsibilitiesUNISIST; IDRC; Adams, S.IDRC Only
2001Information policy handbook for Southern Africa : a knowledge base for decision makersJames, T.Open Access
1990Information pour le développement : expériences du Centre de recherches pour le développement international (CRDI)McConnell, P.Open Access
1995Information pour le développement au Canada : rapport de missionAssociation IBISCUS; Guignard, M.IDRC Only
1982Information processing technology and research activitiesUniversity of the West Indies; Robb, R.IDRC Only
1978Information program of the International Development Research CentreVespry, H.A.IDRC Only
1977Information programme for rural potable water supplies and sanitation : contribution to discussion paper to be presented to government authoritiesBrandreth, M.Open Access
1991Information project in public administration; third phase, report of results (third year of execution and extension of term)Latin American Centre for Development AdministrationIDRC Only