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1989Greater Istanbul Metropolitan area : centers of gravity for total capital in different sectorsGuvenc, M.IDRC Only
1989Greater Istanbul Metropolitan area : centers of gravity for total number of operatives in different sectorsGuvenc, M.IDRC Only
2000Greed and grievance : economic agendas in civil warsBerdal, Mats; Malone, David M.Open Access
1998Green - manure crops for sustainable agriculture in the inland valleys of northern GhanaDogbe, W.Open Access
1978Green and growing energyShirkie, R.Open Access
2008Green belt development-IDRC Only
1986Green Belt Movement as development projectGreen Belt Movement; Mwatha, Rahab W.IDRC Only
2014Green energies the socialist way : hydropower, energy crops and Handai livelihoods along the Red river, Yunnan province, ChinaRousseau, Jean-François; Department of Geography, McGill UniversityIDRC Only
1988Green feed for Bali cattle : Indonesia's three strata forage systemInness, R.Open Access
1992Green gold in AfricaHarris, C.Open Access
1994Green list : a guide to Canadian environmental organizations and agencies = Liste verte : le répertoire des groupes environnementaux du Canada, 1994Canadian Environmental Network; Réseau canadien de l'environnementIDRC Only
1988Green manure in rice farmingIRRI; Interunion Commission on the Application of Science to Agriculture, Forestry and AquacultureIDRC Only
1975Green paper blues.Sanger, C.IDRC Only
1985Green pharmacy : herbal medicines in modern usageNearing, M.Open Access
1996Green resources for a golden futureInternational Network for Bamboo and Rattan; Red Mango Pictures; Dolan, G.; Hanington, B.; Guinta, M.IDRC Only
1977Green Revolution, methods and techniques of assessment : a handbook of a study in regions of Malaysia and IndonesiaUniversité Laval; de Koninck, R.; Gibbons, D.S.; Hasan, I.IDRC Only
1988Green tea processingChinese Academy of Agricultural SciencesIDRC Only
-Green teacher-IDRC Only
1993Green technologies for development : transfer, trade and cooperationIDRC; Rath, A.; Herbert-Copley, B.Open Access
1995Green technology : local resources for community profitZaya, Pierre; Dubé, Serge; Edwardson, BillOpen Access