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15-Mar-2003Global Village (radio show)Stassen, Joanne; Taylor, JowiIDRC Only
1996Global village, state sovereignty and community development : the Infobahn and the human experience; background paper compilationAlternatives (Firm); Alternatives (Firme)IDRC Only
2006Global vision for small business in Egypt-Open Access
29-Nov-2010Global voices : the future of ICT for developmentGlobal VoicesOpen Access
1992Global warming : an overview of technology optionsBehl, A.; Damodaran, M.; Keswani, M.; Desai, A.Open Access
1992Global warming : causes, impacts and responsesPachauri, R.K.Open Access
1992Global warming : impacts and implications for South AsiaPachauri, R.K.Open Access
2011Global water governance and the rise of the constitutional regulatory state in ColombiaUrueña, ReneIDRC Only
Jan-2012Global women’s health: Implications for female farmers in Sub Saharan AfricaMohindra, K SIDRC Only
1994Global worldSahnoun, M.M.IDRC Only
2002Global Youth Voices - Linking Youth in Canada and KenyaSkinner, Harvey; Lombardo, Charlotte; Ward, Michael; Fliker, Sarah; Chalin, CatherineIDRC Only
1981Global, African and Nigerian efforts to develop information systems for socio-economic developmentAiyepeku, W.O.Open Access
2002Globalisation, labour mobility and the economics of emigration : the case of South AfricaMyburgh, AndrewOpen Access
2000Globalisation, value, rights, and work : positive or negative flexibility for South Africa ?Fryer, David; Newham, MichaelOpen Access
1995Globalisciences : recueil d'activités en éducation dans une perspective mondiale; guide de l'enseignantCRDI; Tanguay, B.; Dionne, L.; Gélineau, L.IDRC Only
1997Globalización de Brasil : las dos caras del milagro económicoBeaudet, PierreOpen Access
2009Globalización y reforma de cumbres : un experimento en gobernanza internacionalHeap, Peter C.Open Access
1997Globalización, ciudadanía y política social en América Latina : tensiones y contradiccionesFilgueira, C.; Avelino, G.; Clark, A.K.; Filgueira, F.; Pérez Baltodano, A.Open Access
1998Globalization : threat or salvation?Streeten, P.Open Access
Aug-2008Globalization and Innovation in China’s ICT industryLiu, XielinIDRC Only