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1988Geology, geochemistry, age and tectonic setting of the Gore - Gambella plutonic rocks, Western EthiopiaAlemayehu, T.A.IDRC Only
2013Geophysical subsurface imaging for ecological applicationsJayawickreme, Dushmantha H.; Jobbágy, Esteban G.; Jackson, Robert B.IDRC Only
2008Geopolitics of pre-tsunami and post-tsunami aid to Sri LankaHyndman, JenniferIDRC Only
1981Geoscience information in Asia and the Pacific : a report to IDRC on the 1981 RMRDC WorkshopBerger, A.R.IDRC Only
1983Geoscience research support by IDRCVicencio, R.Open Access
1983GeosciencesShields, D.H.IDRC Only
1983Geoscientific capability and interest in Saskatchewan for collaborative projects with developing countriesBeck, L.S.IDRC Only
1988Geotechnical performance of diaphragm walls during construction of Cairo Metro tunnelEl-Nahhas, F.; Eisenstein, Z.; Shalaby, A.; Salam, M.; El-Bedaiwy, S.IDRC Only
1984Geothermal energy in ChinaEnergy Research Group; Ren Xiang; Yang Qilong; Tang NinghuaIDRC Only
1979Geração de tecnología agropecuária no estado de Pernambuco : relatorio preliminar de pesquisaUniversidade Federal de Pernambuco; Cabral, P.E.; Silva, B.M.; Muñiz Barreto, R.; Lapa, P.R.; Fiorentino, R.IDRC Only
1985Gerencia pública necesariaGraterol, E.; Chirinos, E.; Gabaldon, A.; Roulet, J.; Fernandez, F.R.IDRC Only
2000Gerencia social : diseño, monitoreo y evaluación de poyectos socialesUniversidad del Pacífico, Centro de Investigación; Vásquez H., E.; Aramburú L., C.; Parodi T., C.; Figueroa A., C.IDRC Only
1985Germ plasm storage and disseminationKrauss, A.Open Access
1992Germes d'abondance, germes de chagrinTelevision Trust for the Environment; One World Group of Broadcasters; British Broadcasting Corporation; Datta, M.; Firstbrook, P.; Borlaug, N.E.IDRC Only
1990Germination study on calamus hollrungii becc. seeds in Papua New GuineaIDRC. Regional Office for Southeast and East Asia; Kabaru, MichaelIDRC Only
1981Germplasm preservation of cassava by means of cryogenic and in vitro storage methods : a final reportKartha, K.K.IDRC Only
1998Gestão ambiental em floresta tropical úmidaEcoforçaIDRC Only
1978Gestão tecnológica na indústria de alimentos brasileiraRattner, Henrique; Bertero, Carlos Osmar; Machline, Claude; Ferrato dos Santos, Gabriel; Barroso Guedes de Araújo, GiseldaIDRC Only
1998Gestion améliorée de la jachère par l'utilisation de légumineuses de couvertureSegda, Z.; Hien, V.; Lompo, F.; Becker, M.Open Access
-Gestion Basada en Resultados - GBR : Seminario Taller, Lima, Mayo 22 y 23Rojas, María CristinaIDRC Only