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1980Grass carp and silver carp : production of fryTsuchiya, M.Open Access
2006Grass is always greener : exploring trends in Hungary's inflow and outflow of nurses-IDRC Only
1997Grass Roots epidemiology in Guerrero, MexicoGuénette, LouiseOpen Access
1987Grasshopper and locust control using microsporidian insecticidesRaina, S.K.; Rai, M.M.; Khurad, A.M.IDRC Only
1992Grassland biomass burning in IndiaKaul, O.N.; Shah, V.Open Access
1996Grassroots indicators : measuring and monitoring environmental change at the local levelHambly, HelenIDRC Only
1996Grassroots indicators for desertification : experience and perspectives from Eastern and Southern AfricaMakerere Institute of Social Research; IDRC. Regional Office for Eastern and Southern Africa; IDRC; Hambly, H.; Onweng Angura, T.Open Access
1995Grassroots indicators for sustainable developmentHambly, HelenOpen Access
1993Grassroots self-reliant development and top down policy and program planning in Central America : effects on the food security, health and nutrition and quality of life of the urban poorInternational Food Policy Research Institute; Immink, M.D.C.IDRC Only
2004Grassroots voices : food sovereigntyPatel, RajIDRC Only
2010Grassroots women mitigate the effects of climate change : land access movement of South AfricaTjale, EmilyIDRC Only
1986Gravity flow water supply : participants' notesUNDP/World Bank Water and Sanitation Program; Trattles, D.; Latham, B.IDRC Only
1988Grazing and supplementation studies with growing and lactating dairy cattle at Moblissa, GuyanaSeaton, J.M.IDRC Only
2009Grazing effects on belowground C and N stocks along a network of cattle exclosures in temperate and subtropical grasslands of South AmericaPiñeiro, Gervasio; Paruelo, José M.; Jobbágy, Esteban G.; Jackson, Robert B.; Oesterheld, MartinIDRC Only
1989Greater Istanbul Metropolitan area : centers of gravity for the number of plants in different sectorsGuvenc, M.IDRC Only
1989Greater Istanbul Metropolitan area : centers of gravity for total capital in different sectorsGuvenc, M.IDRC Only
1989Greater Istanbul Metropolitan area : centers of gravity for total number of operatives in different sectorsGuvenc, M.IDRC Only
2000Greed and grievance : economic agendas in civil warsBerdal, Mats; Malone, David M.Open Access
1998Green - manure crops for sustainable agriculture in the inland valleys of northern GhanaDogbe, W.Open Access
1978Green and growing energyShirkie, R.Open Access