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2003Gendered nature of local institutional arrangements for natural resource management : a critical knowledge gap for promoting equitable and sustainable NRM in Latin AmericaWiens, PhilippaOpen Access
2008Gendering governance or governing women? : politics, patriarchy, and democratic decentralisation in Kerala State, India; final reportCentre for Development StudiesIDRC Only
2010Gendering justice, building alternative futures : forthcoming book chapter and extended bibliographyMiraglia, SarahIDRC Only
2010Gendering land tools : evaluating for the delivery of women's security of tenureUhlig, BrittaIDRC Only
2005Gendering migration, livelihood and entitlements : migrant women in Canada and the United StatesUNRISD; Boyd, Monica; Pikkov, DeannaIDRC Only
1993Genebank Management System software user's guide : a tutorial and reference guide for use with the Genebank Management System Software (GMS)International Board for Plant Genetic Resources; Perry, M.C.; Painting, K.A.; Ayad, W.G.IDRC Only
1979Generación y difusión de tecnología en ganadería vacunaCentro de Investigaciones Económicas; Vigorito, R.IDRC Only
1992Generación y transferencia de tecnología agropecuaria : el papel de las ong y el sector públicoCentro Latinoamericano de Tecnología y Educación Rural; Overseas Development Institute; Centro de investigación en agricultura tropical; Bebbington, A.; Prager, M.M.; Riveros, S.H.; Thiele, G.IDRC Only
1986Generación y transferencia de tecnología lecheraSosa, SoniaIDRC Only
1990Generación, diseminación y utilización del conocimiento en educaciónBriones, Guillermo; Facultad Latinoamericana de Ciencias SocialesIDRC Only
1989General agriculture dictionaryKing Mongkut's Institute of Technology; Prince of Songkla UniversityIDRC Only
26-Oct-2012General and flexible methodology to define thresholds for heat health watch and warning systems, applied to the province of Québec (Canada)Chebana, Fateh; Martel, Barbara; Gosselin, Pierre; Giroux, Jean-Xavier; Ouarda, Taha B.M.J.IDRC Only
1986General approaches to animal nutrition research and its relevance to fish production in the Asian regionDevendra, C.Open Access
1982General assessment of immunocompetence by nutritional classificationFundación Centro Internacional de Entrenamiento e Investigaciones Médicas; Saravia, N.G.IDRC Only
2011General case for alliance buildingJenny, FredericIDRC Only
1985General diagnosis of grains, legumes and oil seeds in Latin AmericaFuentes Hernandez, A.Open Access
Jul-1994General equilibrium calculation of tax collection costs for border and domestic taxes : the case of the PhilippinesClarete, Ramon L.; Diokno, Benjamin E.; UPecon FoundationIDRC Only
1974General framework and individual research proposals for a research programme on study - service and related schemes involving research teams in a number of different countriesIDRC. Regional Office for Southeast and East AsiaIDRC Only
1993General guidelines for the development of seed supply under medium and small farmers situationsGaray, A.Open Access
1982General guidelines for the evaluation of INFOPLAN and its prospectsCentro Latinoamericano de Documentación Económica y SocialIDRC Only