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2003Gender, poverty, and occupational choice in poor and non-poor households : an analysis based on the household survey data of PakistanPakistan Institute of Development Economics; Siddiqui, R.; Hamid, S.IDRC Only
2013Gender, security and sanitation : action research on women's rights and access to water and sanitation (2009 - 2011)AnupriyaIDRC Only
Mar-2015Gender, small-scale livestock farming and food security : policy implications in the South African contextReddy, Vasu; Goga, Safiyya; Timol, Furzana; Molefi, Stanley; Mather, Arshad; Chetty, Thireshni; Wallace, DavidIDRC Only
2012Gender, unpaid work, and public policy : what can we learn from China’s first time-use survey?Xiao-Yuan DongIDRC Only
1994Gender, urbanization and environment : a research and policy agendaLee-Smith, D.IDRC Only
2010Gender-specific patterns of multiple concurrent sexual partnerships : a national cross sectional survey in BotswanaHo-Foster, Ari; Laetsang, Ditiro; Masisi, Mokgweetsi; Anderson, Marina; Tlhoiwe, Derrick; Cockcroft, Anne; Andersson, NeilIDRC Only
2013Gendered analysis of vulnerability to climate change among smallholder farmers : the case of Same districtSaid Mnimbo, Tatu; Rural Development of Sokoine University of AgricultureIDRC Only
2012Gendered and caste spaces in household water use : a case of Aliabad village in peri-urban Hyderabad, IndiaPrakash, Anjal; Singh, SreoshiIDRC Only
2005Gendered impacts of liberalisation policies on African agricultural economies and rural livelihoodsUNRISD; Whitehead, AnnIDRC Only
2010Gendered migration and agriculture in the dry areas : implications for resource management and livelihoods in SyriaMartini, MalikaIDRC Only
2005Gendered migrations, livelihoods and entitlements in European welfare regimesUNRISD; Kofman, EleonoreIDRC Only
2003Gendered nature of local institutional arrangements for natural resource management : a critical knowledge gap for promoting equitable and sustainable NRM in Latin AmericaWiens, PhilippaOpen Access
2008Gendering governance or governing women? : politics, patriarchy, and democratic decentralisation in Kerala State, India; final reportCentre for Development StudiesIDRC Only
2010Gendering justice, building alternative futures : forthcoming book chapter and extended bibliographyMiraglia, SarahIDRC Only
2010Gendering land tools : evaluating for the delivery of women's security of tenureUhlig, BrittaIDRC Only
2005Gendering migration, livelihood and entitlements : migrant women in Canada and the United StatesUNRISD; Boyd, Monica; Pikkov, DeannaIDRC Only
1993Genebank Management System software user's guide : a tutorial and reference guide for use with the Genebank Management System Software (GMS)International Board for Plant Genetic Resources; Perry, M.C.; Painting, K.A.; Ayad, W.G.IDRC Only
1979Generación y difusión de tecnología en ganadería vacunaCentro de Investigaciones Económicas; Vigorito, R.IDRC Only
1992Generación y transferencia de tecnología agropecuaria : el papel de las ong y el sector públicoCentro Latinoamericano de Tecnología y Educación Rural; Overseas Development Institute; Centro de investigación en agricultura tropical; Bebbington, A.; Prager, M.M.; Riveros, S.H.; Thiele, G.IDRC Only
1986Generación y transferencia de tecnología lecheraSosa, SoniaIDRC Only