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2011Gender, climate change and REDD+ in the Congo Basin forests of Central AfricaPeach Brown, H.C.IDRC Only
1994Gender, counselling and STDs / AIDSBalmer, D.H.Open Access
2011Gender, cross-border migrant workers and citizenship : a case study of the Burmese-Thai border; final technical reportKusakabe, Kyoko; Pearson, Ruth; Zin Mar Oo; Naw Htee Heh; Jaroenrith, Kanokporn; Asian Institute of Technology; University of LeedsIDRC Only
2010Gender, Employment and the Informal Economy in Syria - Policy Brief 8International Labour OrganizationIDRC Only
2010Gender, Employment and the Informal Economy in Syria - Policy Brief 8 [Arabic version]International Labour OrganizationIDRC Only
1995Gender, environment and health : a working directory to issues, networks and initiativesIDRC; Hatcher Roberts, J.; Guthrie, T.; Silundika-Kamanga, T.; Narayan, G.; Sahas, J.Open Access
1999Gender, Environment and Sustainable Livelihoods (GEDNET) : final technical reportCentre for Environment, Gender and Development; Wee, V.; Sim, A.; Davies, G.; Prasada, C.; Jumaat, A.IDRC Only
1998Gender, Ethnicity, and Agrobiodiversity Workshop, Econiche, 13-14 July, 1998IDRC, Sustainable Use of Biodiversity; Prindiville, J.C.J.Open Access
2003Gender, global environmental change, and human securityRahman, Monika; International Human Dimensions Programme on Global Environmental Change (IHDP)IDRC Only
2005Gender, globalization and land tenure publication workshop, Sept. 26-30, 2005 : final report-Open Access
Sep-1994Gender, Health, and Sustainable Development : a Latin American Perspective; proceedings of a workshop held in Montevideo, Uruguay, 26-29 Apr. 1994Wijeyaratne, Pandu; Hatcher Roberts, Janet; Kitts, Jennifer; Jones Arsenault, LoriOpen Access
Jan-1994Gender, Health, and Sustainable Development : an African perspective : proceedings of a workshop held in Nairobi, Kenya, 5-8 Oct. 1993Wijeyaratne, Pandu; Jones Arsenault, Lori; Hatcher Roberts, Janet; Kitts, JenniferOpen Access
Aug-1995Gender, Health, and Sustainable Development : Perspectives from Asia and the Caribbean; proceedings of workshops held in Singapore, 23-26 Jan. 1995 and in Bridgetown, Barbados, 6-9 Dec. 1994Hatcher Roberts, Janet; Kitts, Jennifer; Jones Arsenault, LoriOpen Access
2009Gender, ICTs and development in Africa : a bibliographyPorrett, BarbaraOpen Access
2009Gender, justice and livelihoods in the creation and demise of forests in North Western Ethopia's Zeghie PeninsulaAsfaw, Tihut YirguIDRC Only
1993Gender, knowledge, management and conservation of food crop seed resources in South East Ghana : field research reportBortei-Doku, Ellen; Dzietror, AkrofiIDRC Only
2001Gender, land, and livelihoods in East Africa : through farmers' eyesVerma, RituOpen Access
Oct-2013Gender, livestock and asset ownershipNjuki, Jemimah; Mburu, SamuelOpen Access
2003Gender, poverty, and occupational choice in poor and non-poor households : an analysis based on the household survey data of PakistanPakistan Institute of Development Economics; Siddiqui, R.; Hamid, S.IDRC Only
2013Gender, security and sanitation : action research on women's rights and access to water and sanitation (2009 - 2011)AnupriyaIDRC Only