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1991Gender specific effects of structural adjustment policies : shifting the costs of social reproductionKanji, NazneenIDRC Only
2014Gender systems and women's labor force participation in the salmon industry in Chiloé, ChileRamírez, Eduardo; Ruben, RuerdOpen Access
Oct-2016Gender traffic light of public policies that promote women's economic empowermentEspino, Alma; Salvador, SoledadOpen Access
1999Gender Training Workshop for Gender Matters Awardees, 2-4 Dec. 1998, New DelhiAzad, N.Open Access
Jun-1989Gender variable in agricultural researchFeldstein, Hilary Sims; Butler Flora, Cornelia; Poats, Susan V.Open Access
2011Gender, climate change and REDD+ in the Congo Basin forests of Central AfricaPeach Brown, H.C.IDRC Only
1994Gender, counselling and STDs / AIDSBalmer, D.H.Open Access
2011Gender, cross-border migrant workers and citizenship : a case study of the Burmese-Thai border; final technical reportKusakabe, Kyoko; Pearson, Ruth; Zin Mar Oo; Naw Htee Heh; Jaroenrith, Kanokporn; Asian Institute of Technology; University of LeedsIDRC Only
2010Gender, Employment and the Informal Economy in Syria - Policy Brief 8International Labour OrganizationIDRC Only
2010Gender, Employment and the Informal Economy in Syria - Policy Brief 8 [Arabic version]International Labour OrganizationIDRC Only
1995Gender, environment and health : a working directory to issues, networks and initiativesIDRC; Hatcher Roberts, J.; Guthrie, T.; Silundika-Kamanga, T.; Narayan, G.; Sahas, J.Open Access
1999Gender, Environment and Sustainable Livelihoods (GEDNET) : final technical reportCentre for Environment, Gender and Development; Wee, V.; Sim, A.; Davies, G.; Prasada, C.; Jumaat, A.IDRC Only
1998Gender, Ethnicity, and Agrobiodiversity Workshop, Econiche, 13-14 July, 1998IDRC, Sustainable Use of Biodiversity; Prindiville, J.C.J.Open Access
2003Gender, global environmental change, and human securityRahman, Monika; International Human Dimensions Programme on Global Environmental Change (IHDP)IDRC Only
2005Gender, globalization and land tenure publication workshop, Sept. 26-30, 2005 : final report-Open Access
Sep-1994Gender, Health, and Sustainable Development : a Latin American Perspective; proceedings of a workshop held in Montevideo, Uruguay, 26-29 Apr. 1994Wijeyaratne, Pandu; Hatcher Roberts, Janet; Kitts, Jennifer; Jones Arsenault, LoriOpen Access
Jan-1994Gender, Health, and Sustainable Development : an African perspective : proceedings of a workshop held in Nairobi, Kenya, 5-8 Oct. 1993Wijeyaratne, Pandu; Jones Arsenault, Lori; Hatcher Roberts, Janet; Kitts, JenniferOpen Access
Aug-1995Gender, Health, and Sustainable Development : Perspectives from Asia and the Caribbean; proceedings of workshops held in Singapore, 23-26 Jan. 1995 and in Bridgetown, Barbados, 6-9 Dec. 1994Hatcher Roberts, Janet; Kitts, Jennifer; Jones Arsenault, LoriOpen Access
2009Gender, ICTs and development in Africa : a bibliographyPorrett, BarbaraOpen Access
2009Gender, justice and livelihoods in the creation and demise of forests in North Western Ethopia's Zeghie PeninsulaAsfaw, Tihut YirguIDRC Only