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1974Governmental aspects of development in the Bicol RegionNational Development Research Centre; Cariño, B.V.IDRC Only
1979Governmental view of science and technology for international developmentJohnstone, R.Open Access
2003Governmentalities and authorized imaginations : a (non-modern) story about Indians, nature, and developmentBlaser, M.IDRC Only
1974Governo, empresas multinacionais e empresas nacionais : o caso da indústria petroquímicaTavares de Araújo, José; Dick, Vera MariaIDRC Only
2013Governor General of Canada visits UWIWalcott-Hardy, AnnaIDRC Only
2003Governors' visit : Eastern and Southern region of Africa (ESARO), Nov. 1-8, 2003; documents, PowerPoint presentations and picturesIDRC; Freeman, C.Open Access
2012Govt embarks on demarcating wetlandsKasozi, EphraimIDRC Only
1997GPS for the development of mapping infrastructure in Argentina : final reportGeorgiadou, Yola; Wells, David Ernest; Kleusberg, Alfred; Lorente, Hugo Enrique; Sager, GerardoIDRC Only
1993Grabbing the tiger by the tail : revitalizing NGOs to survive and thrive in a changing environment; participants' handbookKelleher, D.; Keelan, S.M.IDRC Only
2009GRACE : Gender Research in Arab Countries into Information Communication Technology for EmpowermentGRACE NetworkIDRC Only
2005GRACE workshop evaluation form : summary of responses (7 responses received from 17 participants)Research for the FutureIDRC Only
1991Grade retention and school drop-outs in Kenyan primary schools : a critical analysis of access and equity issues in educationNgau, M.M.IDRC Only
1985Grading rotan di IndonesiaKarnasudirdja, S.IDRC Only
1986Grading rotan di IndonesiaKarnasudirdja, S.IDRC Only
1986Graduate studies in Canada and China's modernization imperatives : a two way street; report of the CAGS / IDRC / IDO Workshop, Nov. 5, 1986Campbell, R.IDRC Only
1984Graduate training in Eastern and Central AfricaMshigeni, Keto E.Open Access
1990Graduate training in economics for Africans : a joint reportAjayi, S.I.; Pegatienan, H.J.; Mukras, M.Open Access
1991Graduate training in economics in anglophone Africa (except Nigeria) : phase two of an AERC training studyMukras, M.S.Open Access
1990Graduate training in economics in francophone West and Central AfricaPegatienan, H.J.Open Access
1990Graduate training in economics in Nigeria and GhanaAjayi, S.I.Open Access