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1995Genetic enhancement of bamboo and rattan : report of an expert consultation held at Los Banõs, Philippines, 8-11 May 1995 ...International Network for Bamboo and Rattan; Williams, J.T.; Rao, I.V.R.; Rao, A.N.IDRC Only
Jul-1989Genetic evaluation and selective breeding of Oreochromis niloticus for broodstock development : final report, phase I (10 June 1986 – 9 June 1989)Villegas, Cesar T.IDRC Only
Jun-2014Genetic hemoglobin disorders and anemia in Cambodian women of reproductive ageKarakochuk, Crystal D.; Whitfield, Kyly; Vercauteren, Suzanne; Talukder, Aminuzzaman; Barr, Susan; McLean, Judy; Green, TimIDRC Only
2015Genetic hemoglobin disorders rather than iron deficiency are a major predictor of hemoglobin concentration in women of reproductive age in rural Prey Veng, CambodiaKarakochuk, Crystal D.; Whitfield, Kyly C.; Barr, Susan I.; Lamers, Yvonne; Devlin, Angela M.IDRC Only
1987Genetic improvement of bananas and plantains and the INIBAP Project on International Musa Germplasm Exchange : report of a meeting of Musa Breeding Programs with INIBAP ... Bogota, Colombia, 16-18 Mar. 1987International Network for the Improvement of Banana and PlantainIDRC Only
1996Genetic improvement of farmed tilapias, phase II : findings of the external advisory panelInternational Center for Living Aquatic Resources ManagementOpen Access
1988Genetic manipulation in crops : proceedings ... Beijing, Oct. 1984IRRIIDRC Only
1984Genetic parameters of cassavaMahungu, N.M.; Chheda, H.R.; Hahn, S.K.; Fatokun, C.A.Open Access
1980Genetic recombination by the parasexual cycle of sequential cold sensitivity mutations in Aspergillus fumigatus I21Levadoux, W.IDRC Only
2005Genetic resource policies : what is diversity worth to farmers?Smale, Melinda; King, AmandaOpen Access
1992Genetic resources and sustainable agriculture : creating incentives for local innovation and adaptationAfrican Centre for Technology Studies; Reid, W.V.IDRC Only
1978Genetic resources of grain legumes in the Middle EastMaesen, L.J.G. Van derOpen Access
2008Genetic Resources Policy Initiative (GRPI : strengthening capacity to analyse national options; final reportBioversity International, GRPI Global Coordination Office (GGCO)IDRC Only
2000Genetic structure of crop landraces and the challenge to conserve them in situ on farmsBrown, A.H.D.Open Access
1979Genetic studies of symbiotic nitrogen fixation in Spanish cloverPinchbeck, B.R.; Hardin, R.T.; Cook, F.D.; Kennedy, I.R.IDRC Only
1983Genetic studies on finger millets (Eleusine coracana (L.) Geartn.)Khizzah, Bill WilliamsIDRC Only
1979Genetic study of symbiotic nitrogen fixation in the tropical legume DesmodiumPinchbeck, B.R.IDRC Only
1980Genetic variance, heritability and correlation for genetic characters of the sweet potato, Ipomoea batatas, L.Saladaga, F.A.IDRC Only
1984Genetics : new frontiers; proceedings of the XV International Congress of Genetics; volume 1, genetic organization, function and regulationChopra, V.L.; Joshi, B.C.; Sharma, R.P.; Bansal, H.C.IDRC Only
1984Genetics : new frontiers; proceedings of the XV International Congress of Genetics; volume 2, recombinant DNA technologyChopra, V.L.; Joshi, B.C.; Sharma, R.P.; Bansal, H.C.IDRC Only