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1990Generating information for rural development : some suggested courses of action for ISD; final draftBroadbent, K.P.; Thompson, P.A.; Monkhouse, V.; Browne, P.; Akhtar, S.Open Access
1996Generating small area statistics from household surveys conducted by NSOMicro Impacts of Macroeconomic Adjustment Policies Project; Philippine Institute for Development Studies; Barrios, E.B.IDRC Only
1995Generation and utilization of industrial innovations in NigeriaAfrican Technology Policy Studies Network; Oyelaran-Oyeyinka, B.; Laditan, G.O.A.; Esubiyi, A.O.IDRC Only
Mar-2011Generational economy, transfer systems and inequality in Latin America and the CaribbeanEconomic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC)IDRC Only
1995Genero y desarrollo : equidad para todosConway, Eileen; Lambrou, YiannaOpen Access
1995Genero, cliente femenino y los proveedores del servicios de planificación familiar en QuitoIdrobo B., N.; Lopez, A.Open Access
1992Generous fogIDRC; Hirsch-Reinshagen, P.; Ortíz, H.Open Access
2000Genes in the field : on-farm conservation of crop diversityBrush, Stephen B.Open Access
2005GENESIS : promoting competitive markets in South AfricaMalherbe, Stephan; Myburgh, Andrew; Kosoff, Jacob; Anderson, PaulIDRC Only
1987Genesis del sistema urbano ecuatorianoCentro de Investigaciones CIUDAD; Kigman Garcés, E.IDRC Only
1976Genesis of technological dependence in the Middle EastSaid, Rosemary; Zahlan, Anthony B.IDRC Only
1978Genesis, conduct, and utilisation of educational research : a report on a workshop reviewing four national education assessment studies; Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines and ThailandMowat, SuzanneOpen Access
1983Genetic analysis of non-restorer lines in sorghum (Sorghum bicolor L. moench)Nath, B.IDRC Only
1978Genetic basis of antigenic variationWilliams, R.O.Open Access
2003Genetic characterization of Malawian cowpea (Vigna unguiculata (L.) Walp) landraces: diversity and gene flow among accessionsNkongolo, K KIDRC Only
2015Genetic diversity and genomic resources available for the small millet crops to accelerate a New Green RevolutionGoron, Travis L.; Raizada, Manish N.Open Access
20-Mar-2015Genetic diversity and population structure in diploid potatoes of Solanum tuberosum group phurejaJuyó, Deissy; Sarmiento, Felipe; Álvarez, María; Brochero, Helena; Gebhardt, Christiane; Mosquera, TeresaIDRC Only
1997Genetic diversity in aquaculture : a programme for economically and socially sustainable conservation and development; final narrative report (July 1993-July 1996)Doyle, R.W.Open Access
2005Genetic diversity using molecular markersHussein, Ebtissam H.A.IDRC Only
1995Genetic enhancement of bamboo and rattan : report of an expert consultation held at Los Banõs, Philippines, 8-11 May 1995 ...International Network for Bamboo and Rattan; Williams, J.T.; Rao, I.V.R.; Rao, A.N.IDRC Only