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2009Global knowledge partnership : network development for version 3.0Waddell, SteveOpen Access
2007Global macroeconomic development : the implications for povertyDíaz-Bonilla, EugenioOpen Access
1981Global management required for new economic orderRamphal, S.S.IDRC Only
1997Global markets and wage disparities in North and South AmericaHarris, R.G.; Robertson, P.E.IDRC Only
2008Global network : integration and harmonization of information and communication technologies policy and regulation regional research networksFundación ComunicaIDRC Only
1998Global network for disaster management (LISN II) : an evaluationGraham, MichaelOpen Access
1989Global news : National Citizens' Coalition criticizes government spendingGlobal Television Network; Malbon, J.; Somerville, D.IDRC Only
1998Global poisons information package - dissemination and utilization phase : IPCS INTOX project; report, June 1994 to June 1998WHOIDRC Only
1993Global poisons package and INTOX : final project reportInternational Programme on Chemical Safety; Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety; Centre de toxicologie du QuébecIDRC Only
-Global pollution-11: cleanup man Maurice Strong.Lindsay, S.; Strong, M.F.IDRC Only
1991Global poverty : a pauperizing mythInstitut interculturel de Montréal; Rahnema, M.IDRC Only
2004Global processesCoordinadora Nacional de Comunidades del Perú Afectadas por la Minería; Barreto, L.; Cooney, J.Open Access
2011Global production chains in Latin America : challenges for inclusive and sustainable growthHeidrich, Pablo; Williams, ZoeIDRC Only
2001Global Public Goods for Health Workshop ... June 4, 2001 : welcoming address by Maureen O'Neil, President, IDRCO'Neil, MaureenOpen Access
1990Global research agenda : a South North perspectiveIDRCOpen Access
2002Global research village : a view from the peripheryArunachalam, S.Open Access
2010Global results for an SIRS model with vaccination and isolationSun, Chengjun; Yang, Wei-
1989Global role of the stateMorelli, J.IDRC Only
2010Global scoping study on knowledge translation (KT) training opportunities : complete inventory of opportunitiesBest, Allan; Bitz, Jennifer; Larsen, Craig; Clelford, Sally; Watters, NicholasIDRC Only
2010Global scoping study on knowledge translation (KT) training opportunities : inventory of opportunities created by and for upper income countries (UICs)InSource Research GroupIDRC Only