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1993Fracturation dans le bassin versant de Kobio, région de Torodi-Liptako Central (Ouest du Niger) : télédétection, géophysique et microtectoniqueCoulibaly, S.H.IDRC Only
2005Fracture numérique de genre en Afrique francophone : données et indicateursGibigaye, Moustapha; Ouédraogo, Sylvestre; Tankeu, Robertine; Noudehou, Sonya; Mint Elkory, Fatma; Khayri Niang Mbodj, OumoulIDRC Only
2005Fracture numérique de genre en Afrique francophone : données et indicateurs; rapport finalEnvironnement et développement du Tiers MondeOpen Access
2005Fracture numérique de genre en Afrique francophone : une inquiétante réalité ; réseau genre et TICVictor Gruen Foundation for Environmental Planning; Soumare, M.; Mhlan-Ga, L.; Ndiaye, R.; Naciri, M.; Mottin-Sylla, M.H.Open Access
1999Fractured institutions and physical interdependence : the challenges to local water management in the Tinau River Basin, NepalNepal Water Conservation Foundation; Gyawali, Dipak; Dixit, AjayaIDRC Only
2003Fractured whole : the changing society of Tobago, 1838 to 1938Craig-James, S.E.IDRC Only
1983Fragile web : the international agricultural research systemIDRC; CIDA; Consultative Group on International Agricultural ResearchOpen Access
1983Fragile web [Arabic version]-Open Access
1977Fragmentation and soluble protein release by Cephalosporium eichhorniae 152 in submerged cultureWhitwill, S.T.IDRC Only
1986Fragmented pyramid : primary health care in a Honduran shantytownHunt, S.Open Access
1979Framework and format for sectorial science and technology plansAshok ParthasarathiOpen Access
1992Framework convention on climate change : some underlying economic issuesKhanna, N.; Prakash, A.Open Access
2009Framework for analyzing the role of ICT on agricultural commercialization and household food securityOkello, Julius J.; Al-Hassan, Ramatu; Okello, Ruth M.IDRC Only
1987Framework for aquaculture research under the CGIARDavy, F.B.Open Access
2002Framework for community - based natural resources management in Bhutan : summaryBhutan. Ministry of AgricultureIDRC Only
1994Framework for conducting assessments of IDRC funded research institutionsLusthaus, C.; Anderson, G.; Murphy, E.Open Access
2000Framework for developing a National Environmental Information System (NEIS)Gumbs, B.; Turner, BridgetIDRC Only
1985Framework for establishing energy research and development (R and D) policies and priorities in a developing countryEnergy Research Group; Munasinghe, M.IDRC Only
2005Framework for evaluating capacity development in IDRCBernard, Anne; Armstrong, GregOpen Access
1993Framework for evaluating research management training with an application to University of Manitoba Research Management Workshop graduatesMabeza, H.IDRC Only