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-Forage forum : a regional newsletter for Central America and the Caribbean, no. 1, May 1979 and no. 3, November 1979 - no. 4, March 1980Instituto Nacional de Investigaciones Agrícoles. Centro de Investigaciones Agrícolas del NorteIDRC Only
1985Forage legumes in agropastoral production systems within the subhumid zone of NigeriaSaleem, M.A.M.Open Access
2000Forage quality and dry matter yield of three grasses treated with municipal and industrial wastes in EthiopiaItanna, Fisseha; Coulman, BruceIDRC Only
1988Forage supplements : nutritional significance and utilisation for draught, meat and milk production in buffaloesDevendra, C.Open Access
1988Forage supplements : nutritional significance and utilisation for drought, meat and milk production in buffaloesDevendra, C.Open Access
1987Forage supplements in feeding systems for buffaloesDevendra, C.IDRC Only
2002Forages for soil improvement in Uruguayan cropping systemsGentile, R.M.IDRC Only
2008Forced migration of Colombians : a comparative study on fear, historical memory and social representations in Colombia, Ecuador and CanadaRiaño-Alcala, Pilar; Villa, Marta; Díaz, Patricia; Colorado, Martha; Sánchez, Luz AmparoIDRC Only
2008Forced migration of Colombians : Colombia, Ecuador, Canada; CanadaRiaño Alcalá, Pilar; Colorado, Martha; Díaz, Patricia; Osorio, AmantinaIDRC Only
2005Ford/IDRC Ecosystem Approaches to Human Health Regional Fund for the Middle East and North Africa : final report-IDRC Only
2001Forecasting water flows in Pakistan's Indus RiverRizvi, M.Open Access
1969Foreign - aid requirements; a critique of aid projections with special reference to Pakistan.Baqai, M.; Brecher, I.IDRC Only
1983Foreign aid and development in Nepal : proceedings of a seminar (Oct. 4-5, 1983)Integrated Development SystemsIDRC Only
1997Foreign aid and economic performance in TanzaniaNyoni, T.S.Open Access
1972Foreign aid and industrial development in PakistanBrecher, I.; Abbas, S.A.IDRC Only
1986Foreign Aid Issues Research frameworkUniversity of Waterloo, Faculty of Environmental Studies; Priddle, George; Archibald, June R.; Davis, ScottIDRC Only
1979Foreign aid, the do it yourself waySpurgeon, D.IDRC Only
-Foreign aid; an orphan to Canada.Brecher, I.IDRC Only
Mar-2014Foreign assistance policies of India and China : final technical reportSridharan, EswaranOpen Access
1993Foreign direct investmentUniversity of Cape Town, Trade Policy Monitoring ProjectOpen Access