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2001Food for the soil : rock phosphate as fertilizerShore, K.Open Access
1994Food for Thought and SustenanceFawcett, LeesaIDRC Only
Sep-1982Food for work : a Karamoja projectOjulu, EpajjarOpen Access
1998Food fortification to end micronutrient malnutrition : state of the art; Satellite Conference of the XVIth International Congress of Nutrition, symposium report, Aug. 2, 1997 ... Montréal, CanadaMicronutrient Initiative; Mannar, M.G.V.; Lotfi, M.; Guay, T.Open Access
1977Food from Land II : non-animal proteinHulse, J.H.Open Access
1998Food from peace : breaking the links between conflict and hungerMesser, E.; Cohen, M.J.; D'Costa, J.IDRC Only
1975Food from the desert?-Open Access
1990Food from the seaIDRC; Bailey, C.; Whitehead, W.; del Grandé, L.; McKee, N.Open Access
-Food from the windDorozynski, AlexanderOpen Access
1981Food Grain Improvement (Sri Linka-IDRC) Project : report for cropping year, March 1980-March 1981; final technical "B" reportAgricultural Research StationIDRC Only
1977Food in Fiji : aspects of the produce and processed foods distribution systems: report of the Pacific Towns and Rural-urban Distribution Systems Project of the University of the South PacificUniversity of the South Pacific; Baxter, M.W.P.IDRC Only
1980Food in Fiji : the produce and processed foods distribution systemsUniversity of the South Pacific; Australian National University; Baxter, Michael W.P.IDRC Only
2003Food labelling law in GhanaBuckingham, D.E.Open Access
1978Food legume diseases in EthiopiaMengistu, A.Open Access
1978Food legume diseases in North AfricaDjerbi, M.; Mlaiki, A.; Bouslama, M.Open Access
1984Food Legume Improvement (Sudan) : summary of researchSudan. Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources; Salih, S.H.IDRC Only
1990Food Legume Improvement (Sudan) II : technical report for 1987/88 seasonAgricultural Research CorporationIDRC Only
1979Food legume improvement and development : proceedings ...Hawtin, Geoffrey C.; Chancellor, George J.Open Access
1978Food legume improvement and development program of the field crops section at ACSADMorsi, L.R.Open Access
1990Food legume improvement and mechanization project : annual report 1989 / 1990; workplan for 1990 / 1991Snobar, Bassam; Masadeh, Ali; Haddad, NasriIDRC Only