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1983Final technical report on the Agroforestry Research Project (Cameroon)Maimo, A.M.; Cameroon. General Delegation for Scientific and Technical ResearchIDRC Only
1992Final technical report on the China MRC phase II Project at the Scien-Tech Information (STIC) of the Ministry of Machinery and Electronic Industries, Apr. 1, 1990-Mar. 31, 1992Jiang ZiangdongIDRC Only
1997Final technical report on the Jordan living conditions surveyJordan. Department of StatisticsIDRC Only
1989Final technical report on the maternal and child health implications of HIV infection in Uganda (paediatric AIDS) : 0 - 32 months follow-upMakerere UniversityIDRC Only
2009Final technical report on the research project "Understanding Obstacles to Peace in the Great Lakes Region : Actors, Interests and Strategies"Baregu, Mwesiga; Kibasomba, Roger B.M.; Sebit Lokuji, Alfred; Omach, Paul; Mahmoud, Hussein; Bakari, Mohamedi; Berahino, CharlesIDRC Only
1987Final technical report on the study of the microconcentration method in the diagnosis of hemoparasitesZuna, H.IDRC Only
2011Final technical report to IDRC for the project : Journal of peacebuilding and developmentMcCandless, Erin; Abu-Nimer, MohammedIDRC Only
2011Final technical report to the IDRC / Project name: Empowering regulators to protect consumer rights in the ICT sectorLewis, CharleyOpen Access
Oct-2012Final technical report – GRACE 2 (March 2008 to September 2012)Buskens, Ineke; Webb, AnneOpen Access
2009Final technical report, 1 April 2007 to 31 August 2009 : knowledge for development; university-firm interaction in Sub-Saharan AfricaKruss, Glenda; Lorentzen, Jo; Petersen, Il-haam; Nabudere, Dani; Luutu, Babuuzibwa M.Open Access
1993Final technical report, 1 July 1988 - 30 June 1993 / Southeast Asian Research Review and Advisory Group Phase IIAziz, Arfah A.IDRC Only
1994Final technical report, 1991-1993 / Plantain Development Project (Plantain - Ghana)Hemeng, O.B.IDRC Only
2002Final technical report, Apr. 2000 - Sept. 2001 / Leading issues in international trade relationsFacultad Latinoamericana de Ciencias SocialesOpen Access
1993Final technical report, Aug. 1987 - June 1993 : communication for development - Asia Pacific information networkAsian Media Information and Communication CentreIDRC Only
1991Final technical report, July 1987-June 1991 / Soybean Research and Development ProjectPakistan Agricultural Research Council; Aslam, M.; Mirza, M.S.IDRC Only
1993Final technical report, other project activities / Upland Agriculture (Philippines), phase 1, Jan. 1990-June 1993Visayas State College of Agriculture, Farm and Resource Management InstituteIDRC Only
1991Final technical report, Sept. 1988-Aug. 1991 / IDRC / Tunisia Food Legume Inprovement ProjectInstitut national de la recherche agronomique de Tunisie; Tunisie. Office des cerealesIDRC Only
2012Final Technical Report: Brasil, Chile, Guatemala, Mexico, UruguayUniversidad Rafael SaldívarIDRC Only
1989Final technical reports / Cropping Systems Outreach (IRRI) Phase IIIIRRIIDRC Only
2000Final technical reports : project "Finance and Changing Trade Patterns in Developing Countries"Centro de Estudios de Estado y Sociedad; Fanelli, J.M.IDRC Only