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2000Final report : MINGA / IDRC sabbatical award; sabbatical year 1998 - 1999Klepak, H.P.IDRC Only
1994Final report : Neurocysticercosis and Helminthiasis Control (Ecuador)Cruz, Marcelo E.IDRC Only
28-May-2000Final report : Nubema Ne-ú; Plant Biodiversity of the Embera and Kuna People of Darien (Panama) - Phase IPotvin, CatherineIDRC Only
1-Jun-2012Final report : OASIS II Project Utilization-Focused EvaluationZornetzer, Heather; Loudon, MelissaOpen Access
2006Final report : pilot project for the establishment of the national network of Community Multimedia Centres (CMCs), July 2002 - Mar. 2006Uganda National Commission for Unesco; Omare-Okurut, AugustineIDRC Only
2008Final report : promoting good forest governance practice in IndonesiaAliadi, ArifIDRC Only
1992Final report : research on Leucaena psyllid management in Sri LankaGunasena, H.P.M.; Wickramasinghe, I.P.; Hitinayake, H.M.G.S.B.IDRC Only
1994Final report : RPC's 3 year involvement in the Fruit Processing Industry (RPC / CARIRI) ProjectResearch and Productivity Council; Caribbean Industrial Research Institute; Brown, G.D.IDRC Only
1996Final report : second meeting of the intersessional group of the intergovernmental forum on chemical safety, Canberra, Australia, 4-8 Mar. 1996Intergovernmental Forum on Chemical SafetyIDRC Only
2009Final report : strengthening the capacity for research and development to enhance natural resources management and improve rural livelihoods in sub-Saharan AfricaKoala, Saidou; Kaizzi, Kayuki C.; Fosu, MathiasIDRC Only
2001Final report : the gender, ethnicity and agrobiodiversity project-IDRC Only
2006Final report : the marginalisation of urban agriculture in Lusaka, ZambiaSimatele, Danny MulalaIDRC Only
1998Final report : the Mideastern medicinal plants and biodiversity resources projectGalilee Society for Health Research and Services, Regional Research and Development Center; Said, O.; Azaizeh, H.; Fulder, S.; Lishner, H.; Khalil, K.IDRC Only
1987Final report : use of focus group discussion research; looking at the acceptability of NORPLANT"R" implants in four countries to improve product introduction effortsProgram for the Introduction and Adaptation of Contraceptive TechnologyIDRC Only
2005Final report : use, consumption and health and medicinal properties of six species of wild edible plants in the Northeast of LebanonJeambey, ZeinabIDRC Only
1999Final report : ventana al Perú; dissemination of research results related to social policy issuesAramburú, C.E.; Arias, R.; Díaz, A.IDRC Only
May-1990Final report : women in the public sector in ArgentinaJelin, Elizabeth; García de Fanelli, Ana; Gogna, MónicaIDRC Only
2007Final report : workshop on the role of environmental performance verification for safe water in NepalOntario Centre for Environmental Technology Advancement (OCETA)IDRC Only
2006Final report : workshop on the role of environmental performance verification for safe water in Nepal, Nov. 30 - Dec. 1, 2006, ICIMOD, Kathmandu, NepalETV Canada, Ontario Centre for Environmental Technology Advancement (OCETA)IDRC Only
1995Final report and certification : project on "Black urbanization, class differentiation and political conflict (South Africa)"University of Durban-WestvilleIDRC Only