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1995Final technical report / Socio-Economic and Environmental Study of King Talal Reservoir RegionRoyal Scientific SocietyIDRC Only
1993Final technical report / Soil Management Information Services IBSRIS, June 1989-Dec. 1993International Board for Soil Research and Management; Duangporn SompongseIDRC Only
1990Final technical report / Sri Lanka - IDRC Cropping Systems ProjectSri Lanka. Dept. of AgricultureIDRC Only
2011Final technical report / Strengthening the Capacity of the Economic Committee of the National Assembly of Vietnam (reporting period: February 2010 – August 2011)Centre for Analysis and ForecastingOpen Access
1991Final technical report / TACTICS - Thai Agricultural Colleges Transfer of Information Cooperative Service (Period from Mar. 10, 1989- Mar. 10, 1991)Shettlesworth, ClarenceIDRC Only
1992Final technical report / Tara Processing (Peru)Instituto de Investigación Tecnológica Industrial y de Normas Técnicas; Simon Fraser University, Dept. of Chemistry; Goya, T.; Oehlschlager, A.C.; Sanchez, R.; Bliss, G.IDRC Only
1991Final technical report / Tea Information Services (China), June 1, 1988-May 30, 1991Chinese Academy of Agricultural SciencesIDRC Only
1989Final technical report / Technologies for Community Health Care in the Developing WorldProgram for Appropriate Technology in HealthIDRC Only
1988Final technical report / The Asian Fisheries Social Science Research Network, phase IIInternational Center for Living Aquatic Resources ManagementOpen Access
6-Jul-2010Final technical report / The Impact of Minimum Wage on Labour Markets in Central America : A Comparative Analysis of Costa Rica, El Salvador and Nicaragua, 1 January 2008 – 30 June 2010Trigueros Argüello, Álvaro; Beneke de Sanfeliu, Margarita; Oliva, José Andrés; Terrell, Katherine; Gindling, TimIDRC Only
2010Final technical report / The Process of Land Seizures in one Sub-Region of Colombia and its Effect on the Peasant Movement During Armed ViolenceMeertens, DonnyOpen Access
1996Final technical report / The Rearing of the Giant African Snail by Women in NigeriaOzubulu Maka Echi Women's CooperativeIDRC Only
1993Final technical report / Upland Agriculture (Philippines), phase 1, Jan. 1990-June 1993Visayas State College of Agriculture, Farm and Resource Management InstituteIDRC Only
1990Final technical report / West Indian Legislation Indexing Project (WILIP)University of the West IndiesIDRC Only
2009Final technical report : "Holistic Country Programming Mongolia" projectBatpurev, BatchuluunIDRC Only
Sep-2012Final technical report : a Canadian community of practice in ecosystem approaches to health with a training and awards program for ecohealth research in international and development settings, January 2008 – June 2012Webb, Jena; Saint‐Charles, Johanne; Parkes, Margot; Morrison, Karen; Lemire, Melanie; Woollard, RobertIDRC Only
2008Final technical report : a study to examine the most effective tools of information and communication used by intermediary groups to reach grassroots women in Asia and the PacificIsis InternationalIDRC Only
2012Final technical report : an experimental approach to capacity and toolkit development for monitoring and evaluation within climate change adaptation initiativesRedda, RobiOpen Access
2006Final technical report : applying an ecosystem approach to sustainably prevent and control dengue in centro Habana, CubaBonet Gorbea, Mariano; Ibarra Sala, Ana María; Concepción Rojas, Miriam; Cuéllar Luna, Liliam; Prieto Díaz, Vicente; Instituto Nacional de Higiene, Epidemiología y Microbiología (INHEM); University of British ColumbiaIDRC Only
2010Final technical report : assessment of smoke-free policy and practice in healthcare institutions in SerbiaKrstev, Srmena; Public Health Association of Serbia (PHAS)IDRC Only