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2005Final technical report : open source for CLACSO's virtual libraryConsejo Latinoamericano de Ciencias Sociales; Babini, Dominique; Vergara Rossi, Florencia; Aschubi, Gustavo; Grigera, Juan; García, DarioIDRC Only
15-Jan-2014Final technical report : promoting innovation in the services sector; towards productivity and competitivenessCentro de Investigaciones Económicas (CINVE)Open Access
1987Final technical report : REALIDE Network StrengtheningAsociación Latinoamericana de Instituciones Financieras de Desarrollo; Ciurlizza, A.IDRC Only
2008Final Technical Report : Regional Trade Integration and Violent ConflictsRafi Khan, Shaheen; Brown, Oli; Haq Shaheen, Faisal; Yusuf, Moeed; Ruiz-Dana, AlejandraIDRC Only
2009Final technical report : research and multistakeholder dialogues in Indonesia's water and sanitationThe Water Dialogues – Indonesia; National Working GroupOpen Access
1989Final technical report : research project on community self - reliance; volume V, manualsChulalongkorn University, Appropriate Technology Research UnitIDRC Only
2007Final technical report : scientific output on aflatoxin in milk and animal feeds from urban smallholder dairy production in 4 urban centers in KenyaKang'ethe, Erastus Kiambi; Lang'at, Alfred Kipng'enoIDRC Only
2008Final technical report : the cost of conflict in the COMESA regionCommon Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA)IDRC Only
2014Final technical report : The International Alcohol Control (IAC) Study - Working Meeting, Torino, Italy, 7th and 8th June 2014Casswell, Sally; Huckle, Taisia; Wall, Martin; Asiasiga, Lanuola; Karatela, Shamshad; Parker, Karl; Graydon-Guy, ThomasOpen Access
2012Final technical report : towards innovative, liveable and prosperous Asian megacitiesChulalongkorn University; De La Salle UniversityOpen Access
2010Final technical report : tracking change in urban poverty and environment; methodology development and capacity strengthening in the Asia focus cities research initiativeCampilan, Dindo; Bertuso, ArmaIDRC Only
1998Final technical report : urban malaria; a comparative ethnographic study of the local response in Bombay and New BombayTata Institute of Social Sciences; Kamat, V.R.IDRC Only
2009Final technical report : uses of ICTs for political inclusion and good governance in Northern Ghana, 2005 - 2008Gasu, John; Akakpo, JonnieIDRC Only
1990Final technical report and financial statement / Asian and Pacific Skill Development Information NetworkAsian and Pacific Skill Development ProgrammeIDRC Only
2003Final technical report and financial statement / Micro Impacts of Macroeconomic and Adjustment Policies in Bangladesh - phase IV (MIMAP - Bangladesh)Bangladesh Institute of Development StudiesOpen Access
1997Final technical report and financial statement : report on a study to evaluate the impact of the Semi-Arid Tropical Crops Information Service (SATCRIS) on research and development of ICRISAT's mandate crops, 15 Dec. 1994-30 Nov. 1996International Crops Research Institute for the Semi-Arid TropicsIDRC Only
1995Final technical report and financial statement, Aug. 1, 1990-Dec. 31, 1994 / West Africa Rice Information System (WARIS)West Africa Rice Development AssociationIDRC Only
1992Final technical report and financial statement, phase I / MINISIS Resource Centre (ALDOC) ProjectLeague of Arab States, Arab League Documentation and Information CentreIDRC Only
1994Final Technical Report Appendices / Information Communication System for Rural Communities (Philippines)Navarro, Conrado SIDRC Only
2008Final technical report covering INW activities for project period from February 2004 to October 2007 / Greywater Treatment and Use for Poverty Reduction in Jordan (Phase II)Bino, Murad; Al-Beiruti, Shihab; Asfour, Moath; Jabay, Omar; Hussein, IyadOpen Access