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1975Final report : an agenda for Red CrossJoint Committee for the Re-appraisal of the Role of the Red Cross; Tansley, D.D.IDRC Only
1998Final report : an infectious disease control strategy for the Pacific Coast of Colombia based on social participation, using cutaneous leishmaniasis as a modelFundación Centro Internacional de Entrenamiento e Investigaciones Médicas; Centro de Investigaciones Multidisciplinarias en Desarrollo Rural; Rojas, C.; Becerra, J.; Tovar, R.; Morales, A.L.IDRC Only
2009Final report : capacity building in resource mobilizationFahamuOpen Access
2009Final report : capturing the outcomes of connectivity AfricaGhose, RanaOpen Access
1984Final report : Cassava Mite Project phase IIIBennett, F.D.; Robertson, I.A.D.; Yaseen, M.IDRC Only
2006Final report : CBCRM Learning and Research NetworkNewkirk, GaryIDRC Only
2011Final report : CCIC Forum - From Principles to Practice: Improving Our Development Effectiveness as CSOs, Ottawa, May 26-27, 2011Canadian Council for International Co-Operation (CCIC)Open Access
1979Final report : CEPIS information system designPan American Center for Sanitary Engineering and Environmental SciencesOpen Access
1979Final report : CIFRI / IDRC Rural Aquaculture ProjectCentral Inland Fisheries Research Institute; IDRC; Jhingran, V.G.; Natarajan, A.V.; Tripathi, S.D.; Chaudhuri, H.IDRC Only
1997Final report : Coastal Communities Cambodia Research Support Activity (CCC RSA), March - October, 1997Carson, Toby; Nong, Kim; Vanntha, NinIDRC Only
2002Final report : community-based water quality monitoring and drinking water management; a pilot project in wards 19 and 20 of Kathmandu Metropolitan city, NepalNational Zoonoses and Food Hygiene Research Centre; Social Action for Grassroots OrganizationsIDRC Only
2003Final report : consultancy contractWiens, PhilippaOpen Access
1996Final report : contribution agreement between the International Development Research Centre and the United Nations Association in Canada, Apr. 1, 1995 - Mar. 31, 1996-IDRC Only
1998Final report : Crucible projectRural Advancement Foundation InternationalIDRC Only
Sep-1986Final report : cutaneous and mucocutaneous leishmaniasis in Colombia; characterization of host and parasite factors that determine the clinical evolution of diseaseSaravia, N.G.; D'Alessandro, A.; Weigle, K.IDRC Only
1979Final report : Desarrollo intelectual y prevalencia de retardo mental en una muestra representativa de escolares de 7 a 9 años de edadKardonsky-Titleman, V.IDRC Only
2-Mar-2013Final report : evaluation of Teasdale-Corti InitiativeSridharan, Sanjeev; Maplazi, Joanna; Vijendran, Mythri; Richardson, Emma; Nichols, Jennica; Parekh, HimanshuOpen Access
2007Final report : external review of a grant awarded by the International Development Research Centre (IDRC) to the African Health Research Forum (AfHRF) for leadership training, 2004-2007Nchinda, Thomas C.Open Access
2003Final report : external review of IDRC's Community - based Natural Resource Management (CBNRM) Program Initiative (PI) in AsiaGonsalves, J.F.; Mendoza, L.C.Open Access
2008Final report : first development of the UPEACE book seriesAbdalla, AmrIDRC Only