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1990Final report / Pine Tannins as AnticorrosivesMcMaster University; Universidad de Concepción; Matamala, R.G.; Smeltzer, W.W.IDRC Only
1986Final report / PNG National Handicrafts Workshop, Lae Morobe Province, 13th-17th Oct. 1986Harris, J.A.L.IDRC Only
1983Final report / Post-Production Rice Systems IIIChang Joo ChungIDRC Only
2011Final report / Poverty and Environmental Vulnerability in Angola’s Growing Slums : Comparative Analysis of Luanda, Huambo and CachiungoDevelopment Workshop AngolaOpen Access
1980Final report / Preschool Education (Thailand) [Thai language]Thailand. Office of the National Education CommissionIDRC Only
1993Final report / Private Sector R and D : "lessons from the success"Thailand Development Research InstituteIDRC Only
1987Final report / Processes to preserve the quality of dry beans during storageStanley, D.W.; Aguilera, J.M.IDRC Only
1995Final report / Project LS-EFA : a Learning System for Education for AllRegional Center for Educational Innovation and TechnologyIDRC Only
Dec-2013Final report / Project “Raul Prebisch and XXIst century challenges” implemented by ECLAC (June 2011 – December 2013)Prado, AntonioOpen Access
1989Final report / Proyecto Camanchaca - Chile : a geographical approachPontificia Universidad Católica de Chile; Cereceda Troncoso, P.; Rioseco Hormazabal, R.; Carvajal Rojas, N.; Barros J., J.S.; Suit B., M.IDRC Only
1985Final report / Public Information Administration Project, Phase ICentro Latinoamericano de Administración para el DesarrolloIDRC Only
1991Final report / Qualitative Research and Training on Non-Formal Education ProjectThailand. Ministry of EducationIDRC Only
1988Final report / Rattan (Indonesia) : properties and potential uses of unexploited rattanUniversitas Gadjah Mada; Hadikusumo, S.A.IDRC Only
1992Final report / Rattan (Malaysia) phase II, Oct. 88-Sept. 91Forest Research Institute Malaysia; Yusoff, A.M.; Haji Ngah, M.L.; Mohamad, A.; Krishnapillay, B.; Manokaran, N.IDRC Only
1990Final report / Rattan (Thailand) phase II, Jan. 1986-Oct. 1990Thailand. Ministry of Agriculture and CooperativesIDRC Only
1985Final report / Rattan in Thailand (Phase I)Vongkaluang, IsaraIDRC Only
1988Final report / Rattan Indonesia Project 1984-1988Silitonga, T.IDRC Only
1985Final report / Rattan Project : PhilippinesPollisco, Filiberto S.; Philippine Council for Agriculture and Resources Research and DevelopmentIDRC Only
1986Final report / Rattan Project : Philippines; extension period, September 1985-August 14, 1986Pollisco, Filiberto S.; Philippine Council for Agriculture and Resources Research and DevelopmentIDRC Only
1988Final report / Rattan Tissue Culture (Malaysia) ProjectYusoff, A.M.IDRC Only