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2009Findings brief : external review of the Urban Poverty and Environment ProgramIDRC. Evaluation UnitOpen Access
2010Findings brief : external review of the Women's Rights and Citizenship ProgramIDRC. Evaluation UnitOpen Access
1989Findings of a survey of senior managers and administrators in the PRCSManga, PranIDRC Only
2005Findings of the CBMS pilot study in PakistanPakistan Institute of Development Economics; Nayab, Durr-eOpen Access
2009Findings of the FEAST : feasibility study for AfricaConnectPehrson, BjörnIDRC Only
1989Findings on the use of hydraulic ram pump technology in rural water supply schemesTanzania. Ministry of Water, Energy and MineralsIDRC Only
1988Fine - tuning the old waysHawtin, G.Open Access
2012Fine granular aspect analysis using latent structural modelsLei Fang; Minlie HuangIDRC Only
1985Finfish nutrition in Asia : methodological approaches to research and developmentIDRC. Regional Office for Southeast and East Asia, Agriculture, Food and Nutrition Sciences Division; Cho, C.Y.; Cowey, C.B.; Watanabe, T.Open Access
1988Finfish nutrition research in Asia : proceedings of the Second Asian Fish Nutrition Network MeetingIDRC. Regional Office for Southeast and East Asia; De Silva, S.S.IDRC Only
1991Finger millet in Nepal : importance, utilization and farming systems in a socio-economic context (a rapid rural appraisal)Shakya, P.B.; Upreti, R.P.; Vaidya, S.IDRC Only
1990Finger Millet Training Workshop, Oct. 7-12, 1990 : proceedingsBaniya, B.K.IDRC Only
1992Fingering a solution to China's dwindling forestsZhao QuinhuaOpen Access
1987Finies les graisses animales!Charbonneau, R.Open Access
1993Finite strain consolidation modelling for slurry pond reclamation : final reportGeotechnical Research Centre; Yong, R.N.; Ludwig, C.A.IDRC Only
1983Fire down belowIgnatius, A.Open Access
1986Fire in tropical savannas with emphasis on East Africa : a bibliographyIDRC; Wein, R.W.; Edroma, E.L.Open Access
1993Fire resistance evaluation for housing : the Sino-Canada ProjectLie, T.T.IDRC Only
1993Fire resistance evaluation of reinforced concrete columnsNational Research Council of Canada; Zhu, H.L.; Lie, T.T.IDRC Only
1993Fire resistance of beam slab specimens : experimental studiesNational Research Council of Canada; Wu, H.J.; Lie, T.T.; Hu, J.Y.IDRC Only