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1988Final technical report / Interrelationships of Minerals in Soil Plant and Animal System at the Kuti Ranch, MalawiBunda College of Agriculture; Mtimuni, J.P.; Mfitilodze, M.W.IDRC Only
1991Final technical report / Jojoba (China)Kunming Institute of Botany; Zhu YuanzhangIDRC Only
1995Final technical report / Labour Flexibility and Productivity in Latin AmericaHorton, S.Open Access
1991Final technical report / Lahore Business and Economics Libraries Network : Pilot ProjectLahore University of Management Sciences, Lahore Business and Economics Libraries NetworkIDRC Only
1992Final technical report / Land Law and Policy in UgandaKigula, JohnIDRC Only
1995Final technical report / Lathyrus Improvement Project (Agriculture Canada / Pakistan)National Agricultural Research Centre; Khawaja, H.I.T.IDRC Only
17-Jan-2010Final technical report / Latin American Centre for Outcome Mapping (CLAMA) Phase 2, January – December 2009Briggs, BeatriceIDRC Only
1993Final technical report / Latin American Chemical Technology NetworkKutney, James P.IDRC Only
1989Final technical report / Leukopenia (China / McMaster)Jue-cheng Wang; Sackett, D.L.IDRC Only
1994Final technical report / Local Government Issues (Zimbabwe and South Africa)Appalraju, J.; Erensen, R.IDRC Only
1991Final technical report / Low Cost Building TechniquesInternational Council of Scientific UnionsIDRC Only
1986Final technical report / Low Cost Solar Food Drying Techniques for BangladeshBangladesh Agricultural University; Akhtaruzzaman, M.IDRC Only
Apr-2015Final technical report / Managing Adaption to Coastal Environmental Change (C-CHANGE) : Canada and the Caribbean projectWatson, PatrickOpen Access
1994Final technical report / Media Contribution to Ethnic Conflict Resolution, Jan. 1992-Jan. 1994Goonasekera, A.; Yadava, J.S.; Khan, F.R.; Amunugama, S.IDRC Only
1993Final technical report / Native Swine Production in El Salvador, July 1989-June 1990Chavez, E.R.IDRC Only
1993Final technical report / Nutrition Survey Training (China)Ge, Keyou; Zhai Feng-ying; Yan Huai-cheng; Li Wen-jun; Xue He-sheng; Institute of Nutrition and Food Hygiene; Chinese Academy of Preventive MedicineIDRC Only
1987Final technical report / Oilcrops Network Project : phase IIInstitute of Agricultural ResearchIDRC Only
1992Final technical report / On-Farm Fertilizer Evaluation and Adoption Project in Mali and Nigeria, Mar. 1989-Feb. 1992International Fertilizer Development Center; Ahmadu Bello University; Institut d'économie ruraleIDRC Only
1982Final technical report / PADIS / DEVSIS (Ethiopia) Phase IIPan-African Development Information SystemIDRC Only
1995Final technical report / Partnership : Area Studies Professional AssociationsCanadian Association of Latin American and Caribbean StudiesIDRC Only