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1993Final report / Women and Industrialization in AsiaHorton, SusanIDRC Only
1993Final report / Women, Environment and Development Network (WEDNET), May 1989-Sept. 1993Environment Liaison Centre InternationalIDRC Only
1988Final report / Women, Water and Sanitation (Egypt) Mar. to Aug. 1988El Katsha, S.; Younis, A.; Sabea, H.; Kheir, E.IDRC Only
1993Final report / Wood Adhesives (Tanzania) ProjectForintek Canada Corporation. Eastern Region; Tanzania Industrial Research and Development Organization; Mwingira, B.A.; Mwalongo, G.C.J.; Shields, J.; Calvé, L.IDRC Only
1991Final report / Workshop on Food and Nutrition Monitoring in the Francophone Countries of West Africa, Bamako, 10-21 April 1989WHO; UNICEF; FAOIDRC Only
1976Final report / Workshop on Problems of Development and the Impact of Modern Technology on Traditional SocietiesEconomic and Social Research Council; Organization for the Promotion of Social Sciences in the Middle EastIDRC Only
1989Final report / Workshop on Sustainable Agriculture in the Uplands (Aug. 25 to Sept. 9, 1989)Mindanao Baptist Rural Life Center; International Institute of Rural Reconstruction; Mag-uugmad Foundation, Inc.IDRC Only
1992Final report / Workshop on the Development of the National Five Year Plan for Health ResearchBoupha, B.IDRC Only
1990Final report / Yam Regeneration Project (Cropping Systems Outreach)Inter-American Institute of Agricultural SciencesIDRC Only
1985Final report 1979-1985 / Financial, technical and administrative report of Sudan - IDRC Oyster Culture Research ProjectAli, S.M.IDRC Only
1990Final report 1984-1987 / Crop Livestock System Research Project, Ban Phai, Khon Kaen, ThailandThailand. Dept. of Agriculture, Faming Systems Research InstituteIDRC Only
1991Final report 1988-1991 / Highland Sweet Potatoes (Philippines)Benguet State University, Northern Philippines Root Crops Research and Training Center; Kalahan Educational Foundation Inc.IDRC Only
2005Final report : Eviction of pastoralists from Mkomazi Game Reserve in North Eastern Tanzania; analysis of new conflicts and impact on the affected communitiesWickama, Juma; Ngailo, Jerry; Masuki, Kenneth; Mkalimoto, DaimaIDRC Only
1995Final report : 1995 Summer Program of the Institute for Environmental Values EducationHarmony Foundation of Canada, Institute for Environmental Values EducationIDRC Only
2009Final report : 5th World Water Forum, 16-22 March 2009, Istanbul, TurkeyNergiz, Aysen; Jacques, George; Herron, ColinIDRC Only
1995Final report : a clinical trial of group counselling for changing high risk sexual behaviour in menKenya Association of Professional CounsellorsIDRC Only
1997Final report : a guided process for Campesino economic development based on social and economic innovationMacLeod, G.; Gonzalez, R.IDRC Only
2007Final report : a joint project of the Centre for Environment, Agriculture and Development (CEAD), School of Environmental Sciences, at the University of KwaZulu-Natal (UKZN) (Pietermaritzburg Campus), South Africa, and the School of Environmental Studies and the Southern African Research Centre at Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario (Queen's)Fincham, Robert; Goebel, Allison; Hill, Trevor; Beckedahl, Heinz; Epprecht, MarcIDRC Only
1999Final report : After NAFTA Research Programme; joint FOCAL/CIS research programme on Canadian, Latin American and Caribbean economic and social relations in the 1990sUniversity of Toronto. Centre for International StudiesIDRC Only
1999Final report : After NAFTA Research Programme; joint FOCAL/CIS research programme on Canadian, Latin American and Caribbean economic and social relations in the 1990s; appendix 5, working papers; module 1, the impact of economic integration on trade, investment, and technology transferUniversity of Toronto. Centre for International StudiesIDRC Only