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1987Final report / Leaf Spot (Alberta / Costa Rica)Universidad de Costa Rica; University of AlbertaIDRC Only
1989Final report / Legume Varietal Selection for Conditions after Lowland Rice and for Acid Soils, Phase I, July 1984-Jan. 1989Central Research Institute for Food Crops; Sumarno, F.; Sutarman, T.; Soegito, J.S.IDRC Only
1987Final report / Leishmaniasis (Mexico) Phase IUniversidad Autónoma de Yucatán; Andrade N., F.J.IDRC Only
1992Final report / Lentil Information Service (LENS) IIInternational Center for Agricultural Research in the Dry Areas; Varma, S.; Hindawi, K.IDRC Only
1988Final report / Lentil Mechanization (ICARDA)International Center for Agricultural Research in the Dry AreasIDRC Only
1992Final report / Leucaena Psyllid Bio-control (AEC / ASIA / CIBC) : impact studies biological controlCentral Research Institute for Food CropsIDRC Only
1987Final report / Lignocellulolytic Fungi ThailandFlegel, T.W.; Meevootisom, V.; Charnchai Manidool; Pensri SonprasitIDRC Only
1980Final report / Low Cost Sanitation Monitoring ProjectBotswana. Ministry of Local Government and LandsIDRC Only
1988Final report / Luapula Eye Disease SurveyVermoer, A.B.; Mwandu, D.; Sukwa, T.Y.IDRC Only
1985Final report / Macroeconomics and Balance of Payments (phase II)Corporación de Investigaciones Económicas para LatinoaméricaIDRC Only
1987Final report / Macroinvertebrate Survey of Rivers in KoreaYonsei UniversityIDRC Only
1988Final report / Maize Marketing Extension in Sierra LeoneLappia, J.N.IDRC Only
1986Final report / Management Problems of Greater KhartoumUniversity of Khartoum; University of Toronto; El Samani, M.O.; Abu Sin, M.E.; Talha, M.; El Hassan, B.M.; Haywood, I.IDRC Only
1988Final report / Marketing Research Techniques for New Product Development and Launching by Small and Medium Scale Off Farm Agribusiness Enterprises in the PhilippinesSoutheast Asian Regional Centre for Graduate Study and Research in Agriculture; Clemente, D.A.IDRC Only
1992Final report / Mass Media and Oral Health Project (Kenya)Mazingira InstituteIDRC Only
1993Final report / Maternal Nutritional [Nutrition] in Subsistence Farmers (Malawi)Tucker, K.; Nyambose, J.; Lamba, C.IDRC Only
1991Final report / McGill component, IDRC project on Helminthiasis Control in DominicaScott, M.E.IDRC Only
1986Final report / Mesquite Project Phase IIForestry Research Center; El Houri Ahmed, A.; Nasroun, T.H.IDRC Only
1984Final report / Methods, Development and Study of Organic Pollutions in the Caroni River, Trinidad (Apr. 1982 - Apr. 1984)University of Waterloo; Caribbean Industrial Research Institute; Karasek, F.W.; Moore, R.IDRC Only
2001Final report / Micro Impacts of Macroeconomic Adjustment Policies (MIMAP) project - Philippines, phase VIMicro Impacts of Macroeconomic Adjustment Policies ProjectIDRC Only