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2008Final technical report of the community wireless network : Wireless Distribution Network for Fantsuam Foundation, 11th May, 2006 - 30th Jan, 2008Dada, John; Comfort, KazankaIDRC Only
2006Final technical report of the enhancing the livelihoods of agro-pastoralists in NW Yunnan project, phase 1 (2003-2006)Center for Biodiversity and Indigenous Knowledge; Wilkes, Andreas; Shen Shicai; Liang Ye; Zou Hudong; Zhao ZhimingIDRC Only
2006Final technical report of the IAI Training Institute on Climate and Health in the Americas and the IAI Training Institute Seed Grant (TISG) programInter-American Institute for Global Change Research; Ohira, MarcellaIDRC Only
2007Final technical report of the project on building urban - rural digital link in Lao PDR for e-way center components (recovering phase)Science Technology and Environment Agency (STEA); Participatory Development Training Center (PADECT)IDRC Only
18-Jun-2012Final technical report of the project on gender and migration : negotiating rights; a women’s movement perspectiveAgnihotri, Indu; Mazumdar, Indrani; Neetha, N.; Devi Mohan, Taneesha; Chaudhry, Shruti; Pillai, NandanOpen Access
1997Final technical report on Advanced Educational Research Methods and Software Application ProjectShiundu, J.O.; Orodho, J.A.IDRC Only
1990Final technical report on area analysis for research design / Crop Animal Farming System Research Project, Phase II (Thailand), Khon Kaen and Chaiyaphum (1989-1990)Thailand. Dept. of Agriculture, Farming Systems Research InstituteIDRC Only
2005Final technical report on Community Based Conservation of Medicinal Plants (CBCMP) : a project in the Luo-Suba communities of Lake Victoria region of KenyaAduma, Philip; Wasonga, Elizabeth A.; Namuyenga, Eunice; Ouko, Vitalis; Amuka, Omari; Karimi, G.; Maseno UniversityIDRC Only
1998Final technical report on Community Based Natural Resource Management in the Mountainous Area of Guizhou Province, China (Feb. 1995 - Feb. 1998)Guizhou Academy of Agricultural SciencesIDRC Only
2008Final technical report on cross-border movements, female migration, and human rights : a postcolonial evaluationCentre for Feminist Legal ResearchIDRC Only
1989Final technical report on development of ARSO - DISNETAfrican Regional Organization for StandardizationIDRC Only
1995Final technical report on farming systems research in Vietnam, 31 Mar. 1992 - 31 Mar. 1995Vietnam Farming Systems Research and Extension NetworkIDRC Only
2003Final technical report on fortification of saltDiosady, L.L.Open Access
1983Final technical report on the Agroforestry Research Project (Cameroon)Maimo, A.M.; Cameroon. General Delegation for Scientific and Technical ResearchIDRC Only
1992Final technical report on the China MRC phase II Project at the Scien-Tech Information (STIC) of the Ministry of Machinery and Electronic Industries, Apr. 1, 1990-Mar. 31, 1992Jiang ZiangdongIDRC Only
1997Final technical report on the Jordan living conditions surveyJordan. Department of StatisticsIDRC Only
1989Final technical report on the maternal and child health implications of HIV infection in Uganda (paediatric AIDS) : 0 - 32 months follow-upMakerere UniversityIDRC Only
2009Final technical report on the research project "Understanding Obstacles to Peace in the Great Lakes Region : Actors, Interests and Strategies"Baregu, Mwesiga; Kibasomba, Roger B.M.; Sebit Lokuji, Alfred; Omach, Paul; Mahmoud, Hussein; Bakari, Mohamedi; Berahino, CharlesIDRC Only
1987Final technical report on the study of the microconcentration method in the diagnosis of hemoparasitesZuna, H.IDRC Only
2011Final technical report to IDRC for the project : Journal of peacebuilding and developmentMcCandless, Erin; Abu-Nimer, MohammedIDRC Only