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2013Final report, UAS-D [appendix 13 of the joint technical final report (October 2010 - March 2013)]University of Agricultural SciencesIDRC Only
1990Final report, Work Plan 1988-1990 / West African Farming Systems Research NetworkWest African Farming Systems Research NetworkIDRC Only
May-1997Final Report: Food ProcessingSimpson, Benjamin K; Oldham, James H; Dzogbefia, VictoriaIDRC Only
1978Final report: bureaucratic behavior and development (Korea)Seoul National University; Kang, S.IDRC Only
1991Final reports : bean utilization IIInstitute of Nutrition of Central America and PanamaIDRC Only
1986Final research report / Sources of Economic Growth (Latin America)Universidad Nacional de TucumánIDRC Only
1999Final research report : North - East Brazil teamUniversidade Federal de PernambucoIDRC Only
May-2010Final Research Report: Patent Pools in China - Patenting Behavior of Foreign Invested Firms and Its Implication on Local Innovation Capabilities and IP Policy ChallengesChen, XiangdongIDRC Only
1993Final results of Long-An hepatitis B model immunization programGuangxi Anti-Epidemic and Hygiene Center; Shanghai Medical University; International Task Force on Hepatitis B Immunization; World Health OrganizationIDRC Only
1990Final scientific and technical report / Metallurgy of Arc Welds, June 1984-June 1990University of Waterloo; Universidad del ValleIDRC Only
2005Final scientific report on Community Based Conservation of Medicinal Plants (CBCMP) : a project in the Luo-Suba communities of Lake Victoria region of KenyaAduma, Philip; Wasonga, Elizabeth A.; Namuyenga, Eunice; Ouko, Vitalis; Amuka, Omari; Karimi, G.; Maseno UniversityIDRC Only
1986Final seminar report / Child Rearing PracticesChulalongkorn UniversityIDRC Only
1989Final summary report to IDRC / Phosphate Fertilizers (IFDC / West Africa Project)International Fertilizer Development Center; Institut d'économie rurale; Diamond, R.B.; Traore, F.; Henao, J.; Sanogo, Z.; Parish, D.H.IDRC Only
2008Final summative external evaluation report re: project entitled “Usando Tecnologías de Información y Comunicación (TIC) para mejorar la productividad y el ingreso en el sector informal urbano de la economía: un estudio de caso y proyecto piloto en la Ciudad de Panamá”Bennett de Solís, PatriciaOpen Access
1998Final supplement technical report / Tarim Basin Desertification and Water ManagementTsinghua UniversityIDRC Only
1995Final survey report : increasing proficiency in information management and information resources; the modern information professionalUniversity of the West Indies; Mullings, B.IDRC Only
1993Final techncial report / Information Services - Industrial Development Board of Sri Lanka, Jan. 1, 1989-Mar. 3, 1993Industrial Development BoardIDRC Only
1995Final techncial report / Poison Control and Information Service Network (Philippines)University of the Philippines at DilimanIDRC Only
1993Final techncial report / Working Mothers and their Children : Health Risks and Needs, Feb. 1, 1990-July 31, 1993Population Council; Stern, C.IDRC Only
1993Final technical and financial report / Access to Information, Mar. 1991-Sept. 1993Consumer Education and Research CentreIDRC Only