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1985Final report / Food Processing Equipment (Thailand)Patcharee Pankun; Chaiyute ThunpithayakulIDRC Only
1989Final report / Free Convective Dryers (Queen's / West Africa II)Queen's UniversityIDRC Only
1989Final report / Fruit and Vegetable Postharvest StudyThailand Institute of Scientific and Technological ResearchIDRC Only
1984Final report / Gamete Preservation (Victoria) 1982-83University of Victoria, Dept. of Biology; Harvey, B.IDRC Only
1988Final report / Genotyping (Manitoba / CIAT)Bushuk, W.; Laing, D.R.; Roca, W.M.; Hussain, A.; Ramirez, H.IDRC Only
1988Final report / Geophysical Methods for Monitoring and Mapping Groundwater Contamination in Sao Paulo State, BrazilEllert, N.; Greenhouse, J.P.; Monier-Williams, M.E.IDRC Only
1983Final report / Geophysical Research on the Precambrian Area in NigeriaHall, D.H.; Ajakaiye, D.E.IDRC Only
1989Final report / Gliricidia (ILCA)International Livestock Centre for Africa, Humid Zone Programme; Reynolds, L.; Cobbina, J.IDRC Only
1987Final report / Gliricidia Germplasm Evaluation and Improvement in West AfricaInternational Livestock Centre for Africa; Atta-Krah, A.N.IDRC Only
1989Final report / Grain Legume Information Centre, phase IIIInternational Institute of Tropical AgricultureIDRC Only
1988Final report / Grain Storage ProjectSokoine University of AgricultureIDRC Only
1993Final report / Grant and Debt Recording and Management System for MozambiqueCommonwealth SecretariatIDRC Only
1991Final report / Groundnut Mechanization ProjectKhon Kaen University; Thailand. Dept. of AgricultureIDRC Only
1995Final report / Groundnut Mechanization Project Impact Evaluation (Thailand)Khon Kaen UniversityIDRC Only
1987Final report / Groundnut Shellers / Strippers ProjectWinit ChinsuwanIDRC Only
1983Final report / Groundnut shellers project (Thailand) (Apr. 1981 - Mar. 1983)Winit ChinsuwanIDRC Only
1983Final report / Groundnut shellers project (Thailand) (Apr. 1981 - Mar. 1983) [Thai version]Winit ChinsuwanIDRC Only
1993Final report / Groundwater Pollution, Majumbasita, TanzaniaArdhi Institute; Chaggu, E.J.; Mgana, S.; Rwegasira, M.; Mato, R.; Kassenga, G.IDRC Only
1992Final report / Groundwater, Cochabamba Valley, BoliviaCorporación Regional de Desarrollo de Cochabamba; IDRC; University of Waterloo; Farvolden, R.N.IDRC Only
1985Final report / Guideline for Development of Renewable Energy for Rural ThailandThailand Institute of Scientific and Technological Research. Environmental and Resources Research DivisionIDRC Only