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1980Ethiopian Sorghum Improvement Project : progress report no. 8, January 1, 1980 - December 31, 1980Gebrekidan, Brhane; Menkir, Abebe; Ethiopian Sorghum Improvement ProjectIDRC Only
1978Ethnic factor in fertility in Southeast Asia : a preliminary report from the Culture and Fertility in Southeast Asia ProjectLembaga Perancang Keluarga NegaraIDRC Only
1986Ethnicity and fertility in IndonesiaTan, M.G.; Soeradji, B.IDRC Only
1985Ethnicity and fertility in MalaysiaInstitute of Southeast Asian Studies; Noor Laily bt. Abu Bakar; Tan Boon Ann; Tey Nai Peng; Rohani Abd. RazakIDRC Only
1983Ethnicity and fertility in SingaporeInstitute of Southeast Asian Studies; Kuo, E.C.Y.; Chiew Seen-KongIDRC Only
1985Ethnicity and fertility in Southeast Asia : a comparative analysisInstitute of Southeast Asian Studies; Wong, A.K.; Ng, Shui MengIDRC Only
1985Ethnicity and fertility in ThailandInstitute of Southeast Asian Studies; Suchart PrasithrathsintIDRC Only
1986Ethnicity and fertility in the PhilippinesInstitute of Southeast Asian Studies; Gastardo-Conaco, M.C.; Ramos-Jimenez, P.IDRC Only
1976Ethnicity and political unrest in ThailandJingjai HanchanlashOpen Access
May-2012Ethnicity, land and conflict in Eastern AfricaHerman MusaharaIDRC Only
Mar-1988Ethno-botany of the Gabra : a study in the environmental perception of a pastoral nomadic people; final report (phase I)Kassam, AneesaIDRC Only
1997Ethnoarchaeological study of Chachi land use in Northwestern Tropical Lowland EcuadorAllum, C.P.IDRC Only
Jun-2001Ethnobotanical study of edible oil crops as a companion of Sorghum bicolor L. Moench and biochemical genetic analysis of in situ and ex situ conserved Guizotia abyssinica (L.f .) Cass. germplasm from North Shewa and South WeloGeleta, MulatuIDRC Only
15-Sep-2014Ethnobotany and traditional knowledge (annex 10 of final technical report)Jovel, Eduardo; Paez, Claudia; Niehaus, Lourdes; Blas, RaulIDRC Only
1994Ethnobotany at the interface between human subsistence and the environment in AfricaJohns, T.Open Access
2001Ethnobotany of NepalEthnobotanical Society of Nepal; Rajbhandari, K.R.IDRC Only
1986Ethnocentric perspective of the OECD system and its negative impact on three major world fault linesChevalier, Michel; Taylor, Glen; Carden, FredIDRC Only
2006Ethnographic account of rural youth's educational aspirations and their problems of school -to- work transition : the case of Talim IslandBatan, Clarence M.IDRC Only
2008Ethnographic data on the job quality and poverty in Egypt : a focus on youthBarsoum, GhadaIDRC Only
1992Ethnomedicine and Health Care in Kenya - Final Technical ReportSindiga, IsaacIDRC Only