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1985Evaluating national research systems and programs in the Third World : some commentsDaniels, W.D.; Sing ChewOpen Access
2004Evaluating policy influence of ICTs for rural areas : the MSSRF information villages research projctEvalnet: Evaluation for Sustainable Development in Africa; Ofir, Zenda; Kriel, LiseOpen Access
2004Evaluating policy influence of ICTs for rural areas : the MSSRF information villages research projectEvalnet: Evaluation for Sustainable Development in Africa; Ofir, Z.; Kriel, L.IDRC Only
1990Evaluating primary education : qualitative and quantitative policy studies in ThailandAmrung Chantavanich; Supang Chantavanich; Fry, G.W.Open Access
2001Evaluating projects funded under the IDRC program "Capacity Development for Internet Use in LAC" : final report; lessons learned and recommendationsKhelladi, Y.IDRC Only
2005Evaluating remote sensing and coastal management compatibility for improved coral reef management of Bunaken National Park, Indonesia : proceedings of the International Development Student Conference, Waterloo, CanadaNewman, C.M.; LeDrew, E.F.IDRC Only
2012Evaluating research excellence : main debatesMendéz, EthelOpen Access
2012Evaluating Research In and On Violently Divided Societies (VDS) - Final Technical ReportBush, KennethIDRC Only
1998Evaluating tax reform in Vietnam using general equilibrium methodsNguyen Chan; Dang Huu Dao; Moang Minh Hai; Nguyen Tien DungIDRC Only
2010Evaluating the consistency of the 1982–1999 NDVI trends in the Iberian Peninsula across four time-series derived from the AVHRR Sensor : LTDR, GIMMS, FASIR, and PAL-IIAlcaraz-Segura, Domingo; Liras, Elisa; Tabik, Siham; Paruelo, José; Cabello, JavierOpen Access
1989Evaluating the contamination risk of river connected aquifer systems : São Paulo, BrazilRoss, S.D.; Farvolden, R.N.; Greenhouse, J.P.; Rudolph, D.L.IDRC Only
2003Evaluating the general equilibrium effects of a wage subsidy scheme for South AfricaPauw, KalieOpen Access
2001Evaluating the impact of the Internet in civil society organizations of Central America : a summary of the research frameworkFundación Acceso; Camacho Jiménez, K.IDRC Only
1986Evaluating the teaching of social studies in primary schools in Busia districtKenyatta University College; Ogula, P.H.IDRC Only
2000Evaluating water balances in IsraelLithwick, H.Open Access
2000Evaluating water balances in JordanShannag, E.; Al-Adwan, Y.Open Access
1994Evaluation / Network of networks : Latin America, July 1993-July 1994, year 2Thorngate, W.Open Access
1990Evaluation / Pearson Fellowship ProgramBirch, D.; Nef, J.; Rosell, S.Open Access
1995Evaluation : purpose, process, product and probityCastillo, G.T.IDRC Only
-Evaluation abstracts, nos. 1-24, 1988-1992IDRC. Office of Planning and EvaluationOpen Access