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1981Evaluation of the role of students and teachers in a class using SAGELeclerc, M.Open Access
1997Evaluation of the rural agroindustry development programme (PRODAR)Weber, Ed; Bridier, Bernard; Fiorentino, RaulOpen Access
1980Evaluation of the San Juan stabilization ponds : final research report of the first phaseCentro Panamericano de Ingeniería Sanitaria y Ciencias del Ambiente; Yánez, F.IDRC Only
2004Evaluation of the Secretariat for Institutional Support for Economic Research in Africa (SISERA)Bannock ConsultingOpen Access
2003Evaluation of the Small, Medium, and Micro Enterprise Policy Development ProjectLynch, Mary M.Open Access
1981Evaluation of the Social Science Research CompetitionIDRCOpen Access
2004Evaluation of the socio-economic determinants and benefits of urban agriculture : the case of Kadoma, ZimbabweMwakiwa, EmmanuelIDRC Only
1989Evaluation of the Technology Transferred by the Acre Project : final reportSmith, A.J.; Kaindaneh, P.M.IDRC Only
1994Evaluation of the use of "ideal" protein concept to estimate essential amino acid requirements of the Clarias hybrid (Clarias macrocephalus x Clarias gariepinus)Nanthiya Graipaspong UnprasertIDRC Only
1990Evaluation of the use of chimney heating with an indirect natural convection solar dryerBassey, M.W.; Oosthuizen, P.H.IDRC Only
1985Evaluation of the use of internal and external markers in digestibility studiesDe Silva, S.S.Open Access
1980Evaluation of the utilization of hilot (traditional birth attendants) in village household distribution of contraceptives, Philippines, 1980Institute of Community and Family Health; Franco-Justiniani, L.; del Mundo, F.IDRC Only
1984Evaluation of the viability of the Oyster Culture Project at Tawau, SabahKupern, K.; Omar, I.H.IDRC Only
1986Evaluation of the Village Fish Pond Programme under the Rural Poverty Alleviation Plan, 1982-1986 : executive summary; final reportSocial Research InstituteIDRC Only
1992Evaluation of the Village Information Centers in IndiaAsia and Pacific Programme for Development Training and Communication Planning; Mercado, C.M.; Ravichandra Rao, I.K.Open Access
2000Evaluation of the War-Torn Societies Project in Puntland, SomaliaMenkhaus, KenOpen Access
2005Evaluation of the WARO Council of Regional Adivsors and its workshop seriesBa, Leona; Bassey, Michael W.Open Access
2008Evaluation of the WARO Council of Regional Advisors and its activitiesBassey, Michael W.Open Access
1988Evaluation of the Workshop Training on Research MethodologyVichai Poshyachinda; Yupha Onthuam; Nikorn DusitsinIDRC Only
1993Evaluation of Three Strata Forage Systems (Indonesia) ProjectChantalakhana, C.; Sabrani, M.; Anwarhan, H.; Sevilla, C.C.Open Access