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1997Evaluation of effects of pesticides on farm workers in the coffee growing areas of TanzaniaNgowi, A.V.F.IDRC Only
10-Aug-2007Evaluation of enforcement of legislation on smoking restrictions in health care institutions in Georgia : final progress reportGvinianidze, Kakha; Novotny, Thomas; Schick, SuzaynIDRC Only
1986Evaluation of externally funded research and development projects in developing countriesSmutylo, T.Open Access
1986Evaluation of faba bean (Vicia faba L.) yield and nitrogen production in Central AlbertaRweyemamu, C.L.IDRC Only
1988Evaluation of factors that influence the use of recommended farm practices in Nazerth Area, EthiopiaKebede, L.IDRC Only
1975Evaluation of family planning program in East JavaSoutheast Asia Population Research Awards Program; Purbangkoro, M.IDRC Only
1987Evaluation of field based teachers' training programme in the northern areas of PakistanNational Institute of Psychology; Chowdhri, S.; Abbas, S.IDRC Only
2009Evaluation of fisheries management options for the Visayan Sea, Philippines : the case of Northern IloiloFerrer, Alice Joan GOpen Access
1987Evaluation of five agricultural information mini-projects in Latin AmericaIDRC; Castronovo, A.Open Access
2007Evaluation of follow-up committees of the workshop series of IDRC’s WARO Council of Regional AdvisorsBassey, Michael W.Open Access
1982Evaluation of fruit and vegetable resources in the Machakos District, in relation to seasonal deficits and micronutrient deficiencies : technical reportGomez, M.I.IDRC Only
2006Evaluation of Gender for Agriculture and Rural Development in the Information Society (GenARDIS) - phases I and II : full report; evaluation period: July–November 2006Kuga Thas, Angela M.; Simerska, LenkaOpen Access
2006Evaluation of Gender for Agriculture and Rural Development in the Information Society (GenARDIS) - phases I and II : summary of key findings and recommendations (evaluation period: July-November 2006)Kuga Thas, Angela M.; Simerska, LenkaOpen Access
1996Evaluation of grant funding to the research programs of the Makalu-Barun Conservation Project of Eastern Nepal and the Qomolangma Nature Preserve in the People's Autonomous Region of Tibet (China)Graham, S.Open Access
1978Evaluation of green foxtail [Setaria viridis (L.) Beauv.] and lamb's quarters [Chenopodium album L.] competition in cornSibuga, K.P.IDRC Only
2008Evaluation of HIV prevention for rural youth, Nigeria (HP4RY) : baseline studyWildish, JanetOpen Access
May-2012Evaluation of HIV Prevention For Rural Youth, Nigeria (HP4RY) : final process evaluation reportWildish, JanetOpen Access
2009Evaluation of HIV prevention for rural youth, Nigeria (HP4RY) : year 1 evaluation reportWildish, JanetOpen Access
2011Evaluation of HIV prevention for rural youth, Nigeria (HP4RY) : year 2 evaluation report; finalWildish, JanetOpen Access
2001Evaluation of human exposure to ambient PM10 in the metropolitan area of Mexico City using a GIS-based methodologyCicero-Fernandez, Pablo; Torres, Victor; Rosales, Alberto; Cesar, Herman; Dorland, KeesIDRC Only