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1983Diferentes enfoques para clasificar las investigaciones en saludGalán Morera, R.Open Access
1988Diferentes o desiguales : procesos educativos de mujeres y hombres en ChilePrograma Cooperativo CIDE-PIIE-OISE; Rojas Figueroa, A.IDRC Only
1988Diferentes o desiguales : procesos educativos de mujeres y hombres en ChileRojas Figueroa, A.IDRC Only
1987Diferentes países, diferentes necesidades : el punto de vista del CIID sobre los derechos de los fitomejoradores-Open Access
2007Differences in access and patient outcomes across antiretroviral treatment clinics in the Free State Province : prospective cohort studyIngle, Suzanne; May, Margaret; Uebel, Kerry; Timmerman, Venessa; Kotze, EduanIDRC Only
1987Different countries, different needs : IDRC's view of plant breeders' rights-Open Access
2004Different gardens, different blossoms : an analysis of the experience with community based coastal resource management in the Philippines, Viet Nam and CambodiaRivera-Guieb, R.; Graham, J.; Marschke, M.; Newkirk, G.F.Open Access
1995Different methods of rice fish farmingNie Dashu; Wang JianguoOpen Access
1975Different path.Pradervand, P.IDRC Only
30-Oct-2009Different resources, different conflicts? : an exploration of the regional political economy of armed conflict in Colombia; final technical reportRettberg, Angelika; Nasi, Carlo; Leiteritz, Ralf J.; Arboleda, Juliana; Bernal, AlexandraIDRC Only
1994Different ways of articulating education and work in Latin America : the problem of youthGallart, M.A.IDRC Only
1988Differential distribution of two molecular forms of gonadotropin releasing hormone in discrete brain areas of goldfish (Carassius auratus)Yu, K.L.; Sherwood, N.M.; Peter, R.E.IDRC Only
2003Differential entry points to address complex natural resource constraints in the highlands of Eastern AfricaAmede, TilahunOpen Access
1975Differential fertility between the family of orientation and the family of procreation in BarbadosAnwar, M.IDRC Only
1986Differential fertility by religious group in rural Sierra LeoneBailey, M.IDRC Only
2006Differential poverty reduction impact of small - scale irrigation development between its beneficiaries and non-beneficiaries in NigeriaOmilola, BabatundeIDRC Only
1969Differentiation and administrative development.Milne, R.S.IDRC Only
1972Differentiation, integration and family welfare in a Ghanaian community.Engberg, L.E.IDRC Only
2006Différenciation croissante entre les pays du Sud : une stratégie du CRDI à l'égard des pays BrIC?; document de travailCRDIIDRC Only
1997Diffusion and adoption of technology from research institutes and universities in Kenya : an empirical investigationAfrican Technology Policy Studies Network; Bwisa, H.M.; Gacuhi, A.R.IDRC Only