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2003Digital innovation in communities : the diffusion effectFuchs, R.IDRC Only
2007Digital poverty : Latin American and Caribbean perspectivesIDRC; Galperin, Hernan; Mariscal, JudithOpen Access
1976Digital processing of LANDSAT-1 MSS data for application to natural resource inventory in the Desaguadero Area - Bolivia : final reportBolivia. Servicio GeológicoIDRC Only
1992Digital radio technology and applications : proceedings of an international workshop organized by the International Development Research Centre, Volunteers in Technical Assistance, and United Nations University, Nairobi, Kenya, 24-26 Aug. 1992IDRC; Volunteers in Technical Assistance; United Nations University; Balson, D.A.; Baiya, H.; Garriott, G.Open Access
2010Digital Review of Asia Pacific - Phase II : final technical report, January 2006 - October 2010Akhtar, Shahid; Arinto, Patricia; Butt, Daniel; Charron, Claude-Yves; Elder, LaurentIDRC Only
2009Digital review of Asia Pacific : feedback and assessmentSpence, RandyOpen Access
2003Digital review of Asia Pacific, 2003 / 2004Chin Saik Yoon; Akhtar, S.; Charron, C.Y.; Ng Lee Hoon, M.; Seow, I.Open Access
2005Digital review of Asia Pacific, 2005 / 2006Chin Saik Yoon; Akhtar, S.; Charron, C.Y.; Ng Lee Hoon, M.Open Access
2007Digital review of Asia Pacific, 2007 - 2008Librero, Felix; Arinto, Patricia B.Open Access
2009Digital review of Asia Pacific, 2009 - 2010Akhtar, Shahid; Arinto, PatriciaOpen Access
2003Digital solidarity, key to Africa's development : interview with Mr. Abdoulaye Wade, President of SenegalCamara, M.L.Open Access
2009Digital Storm: A Graphic Novel on the Social and Cultural Lives of Media PiracyPrasad, Bhagwati; Kumar, AmitabhIDRC Only
2009Digitization, intellectual property rights and access to traditional medicine knowledge in developing countries : the Nigerian experience; a research paper prepared for the International Development Research Centre (IDRC) Ottawa, CanadaChristian, Gideon EmceeOpen Access
1991Digitized image transmission using high speed telecommunications networksMcCone, G.K.Open Access
1987Digitized weather radar in Gansu Province and a simple radar raingauge comparisonBlaskovic, M.; Cai, Q.M.; Bellon, A.; Austin, G.L.IDRC Only
1988Dignidad y trabajoLozano, M.C.Open Access
1987Dilema del carbónRochon, P.A.Open Access
1991Dilemma of appropriate media selection for dissemination of development informationGeorge, N.Open Access
1999Dilemma of institutional structuresClark, H.C.Open Access
1989Dilemma of primary school leavers in Tanzania : is post primary technical training a solution?Chonjo, P.N.IDRC Only