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2005Diamond industry annual review, 2005 : Sierra LeonePartnership Africa Canada; Gberie, L.; Ahmimed, C.; Smillie, I.Open Access
2010Diamonds and clubs : the militarized control of diamonds and power in ZimbabweMartin, Alan; Taylor, Bernard; Létourneau, Josée; Partnership Africa CanadaIDRC Only
2004Diamonds without maps : Liberia, the UN, sanctions and the Kimberley process; special reportPartnership Africa Canada; Gberie, L.Open Access
1999Diane Elson, Apr. 15, 1999Elson, D.Open Access
2012Diaporama audio : La vue d’ensemble et des enseignements tirés du forum canadien d’apprentissage 2012 : Plateformes virtuelles, gestion des connaissances et développement internationalIDRCOpen Access
1985Diarios campesinos, apelaciones y constitución discursiva de un universo de existenciaMunizaga, G.IDRC Only
1988Diarrhea and malnutrition in relation to actions of mothers with respect to nutritionBendfeldt, Carlos Fernando; Fayerman, Paula; Davies, Jim; Lalonde, LouiseIDRC Only
2007Diarrhea and women's practices for handling water in the town of Bebnine, LebanonEl Azar, Grace EliasIDRC Only
1991Diarrheal disease in the Southern Philippines : a case study approachPalabrica-Costello, Marilou; Costello, Michael A.IDRC Only
1991Diarrheal disease in the southern Philippines : a case study approach; project report no. 2Palabrica-Costello, M.; Costello, M.A.; Lleno, L.; Lagos, E.IDRC Only
1990Diarrheal disease transmission in the less developed world : the role of social and economic factors; diarrheal disease project report no. 1Xavier University, Research Institute for Mindanao Culture; Palabrica-Costello, Marilou; Costello, Michael A.IDRC Only
1988Diarrheal diseasesPhilippine Council for Health Research and Development; Saniel, M.C.; Bagasao, T.M.P.IDRC Only
1983DiarrhoeaCaribbean Food and Nutrition InstituteOpen Access
1985Diarrhoeal Diseases Control Programme : report of the fifth Meeting of Interested Parties, Geneva, 28 June 1985WHOIDRC Only
1991Diarrhoeal Diseases Information Services Centre (DISC) : progress reports for the period, 1 May 1990-17 Apr. 1991Diarrhoeal Diseases Information Services CentreIDRC Only
2010Diaspora program journey at VSO, Ethiopia, 27 July 2010Berhane, TinebebIDRC Only
2010Diaspora volunteerism : personal reflectionsBelay, SolomonIDRC Only
Aug-2013Diaspora volunteers and international development : an autoethnographic research projectBelay Faris, SolomonIDRC Only
2012Diasporas, Transnationalism and Remaking of Political and Social Spaces: Readings from SudanECONOMIC CONDITIONS; Suad, JosephIDRC Only
2011Diágnostico de la informalidad laboral y los costos laborales en Colombia y una propuesta de política para incentivar la formalización laboralSánchez Torres, Fabio; Álvarez Vos, OrianaIDRC Only