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1999Accessing health care through the social development fund : the case of the poor in Zimbabwe; Zimbabwe country studyGumbo, Perpetua; Dhemba, JothamIDRC Only
Jun-2010Africa peace and conflict journal, v. 3, no. 1, June 2010Abdalla, Amr; Karbo, Tony; Nelson, CatherineIDRC Only
Jun-2014Africa peace and conflict journal, v. 7, no. 1, June 2014Butera, Jean-Bosco; Kale Ewusi, Samuel; Friedman, StevenIDRC Only
1993Alcan open pit mineMétavidea Associates; Vision TV; Gjerstad, O.; Flemington, P.; Rampen, L.; MacDonald, F.; Pomerance, S.IDRC Only
1986Annual report / Farming Systems Research Unit; Oct. 1984 - Sept. 1985Zimbabwe. Ministry of Lands, Agriculture and Rural ResettlementIDRC Only
1997Arbre, une richesse polyvalente inestimablePepall, JenniferOpen Access
2009Assessing the potential benefits of organic and mineral fertiliser combinations on maize and legume productivity under smallholder management in ZimbabweKanonge, G; Nezomba, H; Chikowo, R; Mtambanengwe, F; Mapfumo, PIDRC Only
1981Background paper on ZimbabweStoneman, C.IDRC Only
1996Balance of payments as a monetary phenomenon : an econometric study of Zimbabwe's experienceDhliwayo, R.Open Access
2010Beneficiaries or mere agents? women’s agrarian reform experiences in Chimanimani, ZimbabweChingarande, Dominica S.; Mugabe, Prisca; Kujinga, Krasposy; Magaisa, EsteriIDRC Only
1995Better prospects for Zimbabwe's communal areasZava, JuliusOpen Access
1984Bibliographic control : Zimbabwe's present practices and hopes for the futureKamba, A.S.IDRC Only
1994Biotechnology in developing countries : research advances and applicationsEdwardson, W.; Graham, M.Open Access
1985Book industry in Africa, 1973-1983 : a decade of development?Rathgeber, E.M.IDRC Only
2007Breaking new ground : new approaches to people-centred natural resource management and conservation in Southern Africa; final technical report, Apr. 2003 - Dec. 2006-IDRC Only
Dec-2013Brief 13 : mass desertion of soldiers from the Zimbabwe National Army in post-2000 crisis; a call for amnestyMaringira, GodfreyIDRC Only
Aug-2014Brief 2 : perils of democratization by power sharing; lessons from Zimbabwe (2009-2013)Hlamalani Chitanga, GideonIDRC Only
Dec-2013Brief 4 : reflections on the movement for democratic change's defeat in the July 2013 election in ZimbabweMukwedeya, Tatenda G.IDRC Only
Aug-2014Brief 9 : multi-directional change; regulating public transport fares and payments in ZimbabweMutongwizo, TariroIDRC Only
2010Building adaptive capacity to cope with increasing vulnerability due to climate change : final technical report - Zimbabwe (30 September 2010)Mugabe, F.T.; Munodawafa, A.; Dimes, J.; Nanja, D.H.; Carberry, P.Open Access