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1981Social change and development-IDRC Only
2005Social safety net for the chronically poor? : Zimbabwe's public assistance programme in the 1990sMunro, L.IDRC Only
2010Social, political and economic transformative impact of the Fast Track Land Reform Programme on the lives of women farmers in Goromonzi and Vungu districts in ZimbabweMazhawidza, Phides; Manjengwa, JeanetteIDRC Only
1994Socio-cultural determinants of AIDS (Zimbabwe)Mhloyi, M.M.; Mhloyi, G.IDRC Only
1996Socio-economic and technical factors determining community biodiversity development and management : analysis of baseline data for Tsholotsho, Chiredzi and U.M.P. districtsCommunity Technology Development AssociationIDRC Only
1988Socio-economic dimensions of livestock production in the communal lands of Zimbabwe : report and recommendations of a workshopUniversity of Zimbabwe, Centre for Applied Social Sciences; Cousins, B.; Jackson, C.; Scooners, I.IDRC Only
2006Socio-economic implications of urban agriculture on livelihood and food security in HarareMutonodzo, CharityIDRC Only
2006Socio-economic implications of urban agriculture on livelihood and food security in Harare, ZimbabweMutonodzo, CharityIDRC Only
1986Soils of Tshaba Vlei, Binga District : an assessment of suitability for irrigationHungwe, A.IDRC Only
1988Sorghum milling, ZimbabweSilveira HouseIDRC Only
1996State and dynamics of social policy practice and research in Zimbabwe : a study undertaken as part of a regional project on the State and Dynamics of Social Policy Practice and Research in Eastern and Southern AfricaKaseke, Edwin; Dhemba, Jotham; Gumbo, Perpetua; Kasere, ClaudiusIDRC Only
1990Stone unturned : local political dynamics and the transfer of technology in the communal lands of ZimbabweCousins, B.IDRC Only
1995Structuring a market oriented housing finance system in AfricaAyogu, M.D.IDRC Only
1992Studies on the productivity and nutrition of the Matebele goatSibanda, J.M.IDRC Only
1994Study of effectiveness of informatics policy instruments in ZimbabweMoyo, H.IDRC Only
1994Study of the effectiveness of informatics policy instruments in AfricaZwangobani, E.IDRC Only
1986Study of the soils of the Siabuwa Valley, Sebungwe Region, and their management for dryland peasant agricultureHungwe, A.IDRC Only
1986Study tour of some institutions and governments ministries in five African countries involved in guidance and counselling and / or classroom interactions research, 1-22 Feb. 1986National University of Lesotho. Institute of Education; Montsi, Merci Y.IDRC Only
1999Study visit to Nigeria, Ghana, Côte d'Ivoire and Senegal with regard to the proposed Pan African research on education and health policy reforms in Africa : mission reportEgunjobi, L.; Falayajo, W.IDRC Only
1998Support institutions for small enterprises in Zambia and ZimbabweNamibian Economic Policy Research Unit; Hansohm, D.; Erastus-Sacharia, A.; Kadhikwa, G.IDRC Only