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1985Survey of manufacturing industry to identify the research and development and technical services needsMwamfuli, P.M.IDRC Only
31-Jul-1988Syphilis intervention in pregnancy : Zambian Demonstration ProjectHira, S.K.IDRC Only
2011Tanzania and Zambia : Fast-growing economies set the stage for ICTElliott, Lauri E.IDRC Only
28-May-2000Technical report to IDRC on a project to promote information and communication technologies in Zambia through SchoolNet ZambiaSyamuntondo, John; Syakwasia, Kuliwa Sibajene; Syamutondo, Kipler; Simwawa, AnwellIDRC Only
1988Technology policies for development in Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia and ZimbabweMlawa, H.M.IDRC Only
1994Thirty years of learning : educational development in Eastern and Southern Africa from independence to 1990Ishumi, Abel G.M.Open Access
1988Three year results of a fuelwood research project in ZambiaZambia. Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources, Division of Forest ResearchIDRC Only
1993Tiure seeks refuge in CanadaMétavidea Associates; Radio-Québec; Vision TV; Gjerstad, O.; Flemington, P.; Rampen, L.; MacDonald, F.; Montgomery, M.IDRC Only
2010Towards a Zambian national health research agency : final reportCanadian Coalition for Global Health ResearchOpen Access
2005Towards an African e-index : household and individual ICT access and usage across 10 African countries, 2005Gillwald, AlisonIDRC Only
Jun-1986Tracer Study of Grade 12 : graduates from David Kaunda and Hillcrest Secondary Technical SchoolsKaluba, Langazye H.IDRC Only
1989Trading responses to food market liberalization in Sub-Saharan Africa, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, May 2-4, 1989 : planning workshop for research projectSantorum, A.; Jones, S.IDRC Only
2007Treadle pump in Zambia : stepping out of subsistence farmingHiller, SabineIDRC Only
2007Two thousand and seven 2007 Zambia telecommunications sector performance review : a supply side analysis of policy outcomesMulavu, SikaabaIDRC Only
2001Understanding exclusion and creating value : a look at youth livelihoods in informal urban settlements in Zambia; study report IIChigunta, FrancisOpen Access
1993Urban development and parasitic diseases : the nematode transmission dynamics between the urban, peri urban and rural communities of Zambia; report of the field trip to Zambia (Aug. - Sept. 1993)Tshikuka, Jose-Gaby; Scott, Marilyn E.; Gray-Donald, K.IDRC Only
1992Urban housing strategies and female headed households in LesothoRembe, S.W.IDRC Only
1979Urban sanitation surveyNational Housing Authority; Khan, M.K.IDRC Only
2010Use of indigenous knowledge systems and scientific methods for climate forecasting in Southern Zambia and North Western ZimbabweMugabe, F.T.; Mubaya, C.P.; Nanja, D.H.; Gondwe, P.; Munodawafa, A.IDRC Only
1989Valle de los ciegosLubinga, D.Open Access