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1976Report on the Technical Conference on the Evaluation of Urban Projects, Jan. 12-17, 1976IDRC; World BankIDRC Only
1987Report on the workshop on research in conservation and management strategies in the Teak forest of Zambia, 9-10 Dec. 1987, LivingstoneMalaya, F.M.IDRC Only
28-May-2000Report to IDRC on a project to promote information and communication technologies in Zambia through SchoolNet ZambiaSyamuntondo, John; Syakwasia, Kuliwa Sibajene; Syamutondo, Kipler; Simwawa, AnwellIDRC Only
1992Report to the International Development Research Centre : the 12th Symposium on Law and Development ... Mar. 12-15, 1992University of WindsorIDRC Only
1989Research programme : conservation of Zambezi teak ecosystems through sustainable management and utilizationAyling, R.D.; Mubita, A.C.IDRC Only
1997Review paper on current issues, trends and specific research priorities related to social security in ZambiaMukuka, L.IDRC Only
1992Rural electrification in AfricaAfrican Energy Policy Research Network; Mbewe, A.; Mariam, H.; Ramasedi, B.; Khalema, L.; Ahmed, I.A.IDRC Only
1985Science and technology policy in Zambia : an overviewMudenda, Gilbert N.IDRC Only
1982Seminar on Education, Development and Social TransformationNational Institute of Development Research and Documentation; Foundation for Education with ProductionIDRC Only
1995Sexual behaviour and issues of HIV/AIDS prevention in an African prisonSimooya, Oscar O.; Phiri, Augustine; Sanjobo, Nawa; Sichilima, WinstonIDRC Only
1986Sexually transmitted disease : a menace to mothers and childrenHira, S.K.IDRC Only
2009Situational analysis of the health research environment in ZambiaKwibisa, LiywaliiOpen Access
1983Solar food drying in ZambiaKwendakwema, Nicholas JohnIDRC Only
1995Some experiments with food stamps : a surveySuryanarayana, M.H.IDRC Only
2009Status of consumer protection in ZambiaMwansa, KatwambaIDRC Only
1989Status report on the Zambia sorghum research projectSmall Industries Development Organisation; Kaumba, M.C.IDRC Only
1977Structure and impact of Zambian settlement scheme policy : bureaucratic class formationRay, D.I.IDRC Only
2002Study on bridging the practice-gap between the health care institutions and the community-based agents in Lusaka urban, ZambiaChanda, Dorothy; University of Zambia, Institute of Economic and Social ResearchIDRC Only
1999Study report : the changing institutional arrangements under social policy reform in Zambia; the case of health reformsMasiye, Giilbert P.C.; Tembo, Robert; Wonani, Charlotte; Kakuwa, E.IDRC Only
1986Study tour of some institutions and governments ministries in five African countries involved in guidance and counselling and / or classroom interactions research, 1-22 Feb. 1986National University of Lesotho. Institute of Education; Montsi, Merci Y.IDRC Only