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2009Demand for hired labor in rural MadagascarRandrianarisoa, Jean Claude; Barrett, Christopher B.; Stifel, DavidIDRC Only
2008Dynamics of job quality in Egypt : what are the good jobs and who gets them?; a 1998-2006 comparisonAssaad, Ragui; Rashed, AliIDRC Only
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2006Feminization of agriculture : trends and driving forcesLastarria-Cornhiel, SusanaIDRC Only
Jan-2007Fun with matched firm-employee data : progress and road mapsHamermesh, Daniel S.IDRC Only
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2009Is there a glass ceiling in Morocco? : evidence from matched worker-firm dataNordman, Christophe J.; Wolff, François-CharlesIDRC Only
1978Labor market pressures and wage determination in less developed economies : the case of KenyaHouse, W.J.; Rempel, H.IDRC Only
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2003Wage determination and the gender wage gap in Kenya : any evidence of gender discrimination?Kabubo-Mariara, JaneOpen Access
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2011Within-firm human capital externalities in TunisiaMuller, Christophe; Nordman, Christophe J.IDRC Only
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