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1996Immunologic follow-up in high titer measles vaccine recipients in the Sudan : final reportWard, Brian J.Open Access
1993Indian institute's breakthrough vaccinesBarricklow, D.Open Access
1995Intellectual arrogance of the NorthEberlee, JohnOpen Access
2015Joining forces to increase food securityIDRCOpen Access
31-Oct-2014Livestock Vaccines Against Viral Diseases for Developing Farmers in sub‐Saharan Africa : final technical report (March 2012 - August 2014)Babiuk, Lorne; Wallace, DavidOpen Access
1985Malaria : the king is threatenedSmith, N.J.Open Access
1991Measles immunization (Sudan) : technical progress reportOmer, M.I.A.IDRC Only
1990Mechanism of Disease Induction by HIVRaven Press; Gallo, Robert C.IDRC Only
1994National yellow fever control programme and yellow fever vaccine production : plan of action for the completion of the yellow fever vaccine laboratory, Yaba LagosNigeria. Federal Ministry of Health and Social ServicesIDRC Only
1997Nature of things : who cares about malaria?Canadian Broadcasting Corporation; Suzuki, D.; Costa, I.IDRC Only
1993New family planning tool to slow population growthNewton, P.Open Access
1982On the disease warpathIDRC; Hibler, M.Open Access
2010One-Day Preliminary National Consultation on Access to Patented Knowledge "Patents and Platform Technologies: Understanding Implications for Research and Development in Malaria and Tuberculosis"Sriram, KIDRC Only
1994Prevention of Tropical Diseases : Status of New and Emerging Vector Control Strategies; proceedings of a symposium held at the Annual Meeting of the American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene, Dec. 2, 1991, Boston, MAClark, G.G.IDRC Only
1997Proceedings of the 47th Annual Meeting of the Canadian Society of Animal Science, Montréal, Québec, July 24-26, 1997Scott, S.L.; Xin ZhaoIDRC Only
1992Progress report : yellow fever project, Nigeria, July 1991 - Jan. 1992Nasidi, A.IDRC Only
1989Progress report on Phase I Clinical Trials Anti-Conceptive VaccineNational Institute of ImmunologyIDRC Only
1985Randomized controlled trial of BCG vaccine scarification in chronic HBsAg positive hepatitisLei, BingjunIDRC Only
May-1994Randomized, controlled field trial of single dose vs. three doses of hepatitis B vaccine in preventing the HB carrier state in Filipino childrenLansang, Mary Ann D.; Domingo, Ernesto O.; Juban, Noel; Alagon, Daissan; Lusanea-Tababa, JocelynIDRC Only
1991Regional system for vaccines (SIREVA) : feasibility studyPan American Health OrganizationIDRC Only