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1996Immunologic follow-up in high titer measles vaccine recipients in the Sudan : final reportWard, Brian J.Open Access
1993Indian institute's breakthrough vaccinesBarricklow, D.Open Access
1995Intellectual arrogance of the NorthEberlee, JohnOpen Access
2015Joining forces to increase food securityIDRCOpen Access
31-Oct-2014Livestock Vaccines Against Viral Diseases for Developing Farmers in sub‐Saharan Africa : final technical report (March 2012 - August 2014)Babiuk, Lorne; Wallace, DavidOpen Access
1985Malaria : the king is threatenedSmith, N.J.Open Access
1991Measles immunization (Sudan) : technical progress reportOmer, M.I.A.IDRC Only
1990Mechanism of Disease Induction by HIVRaven Press; Gallo, Robert C.IDRC Only
1994National yellow fever control programme and yellow fever vaccine production : plan of action for the completion of the yellow fever vaccine laboratory, Yaba LagosNigeria. Federal Ministry of Health and Social ServicesIDRC Only
1997Nature of things : who cares about malaria?Canadian Broadcasting Corporation; Suzuki, D.; Costa, I.IDRC Only
1993New family planning tool to slow population growthNewton, P.Open Access
1982On the disease warpathIDRC; Hibler, M.Open Access
2010One-Day Preliminary National Consultation on Access to Patented Knowledge "Patents and Platform Technologies: Understanding Implications for Research and Development in Malaria and Tuberculosis"Sriram, KIDRC Only
1994Prevention of Tropical Diseases : Status of New and Emerging Vector Control Strategies; proceedings of a symposium held at the Annual Meeting of the American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene, Dec. 2, 1991, Boston, MAAmerican Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene; Clark, G.G.IDRC Only
1997Proceedings of the 47th Annual Meeting of the Canadian Society of Animal Science, Montréal, Québec, July 24-26, 1997Scott, S.L.; Xin ZhaoIDRC Only
1992Progress report : yellow fever project, Nigeria, July 1991 - Jan. 1992Nasidi, A.IDRC Only
1989Progress report on Phase I Clinical Trials Anti-Conceptive VaccineNational Institute of ImmunologyIDRC Only
1985Randomized controlled trial of BCG vaccine scarification in chronic HBsAg positive hepatitisLei, BingjunIDRC Only
May-1994Randomized, controlled field trial of single dose vs. three doses of hepatitis B vaccine in preventing the HB carrier state in Filipino childrenLansang, Mary Ann D.; Domingo, Ernesto O.; Juban, Noel; Alagon, Daissan; Lusanea-Tababa, JocelynIDRC Only
1991Regional system for vaccines (SIREVA) : feasibility studyPan American Health OrganizationIDRC Only