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2000Framework for the elimination of vitamin A deficiency : final technical reportWHOIDRC Only
1982General assessment of immunocompetence by nutritional classificationFundación Centro Internacional de Entrenamiento e Investigaciones Médicas; Saravia, N.G.IDRC Only
2006Global Health Research Initiative (GHRI) operational research grants for the Canadian International Immunization Initiative (CIII2) : project title "development of novel vaccination strategies against helicobacter pylori in Latin America"; final technical report (May 30, 2004 - May 30, 2006)Altman, Eleonora; Gabastou, Jean-Marc; Fernández, Heriberto; Vérez, VicenteIDRC Only
2009Global immunization : status, progress, challenges and futureDuclos, Philippe; Okwo-Bele, Jean-Marie; Gacic-Dobo, Marta; Cherian, ThomasOpen Access
2010Global results for an SIRS model with vaccination and isolationSun, Chengjun; Yang, Wei-
1982Hepatitis B : new hope in the struggleIDRC; Mbodj, M.Open Access
1989Hepatitis B immunization program in long an county, China : first technical reportGuangxi Anti-epidemic Station; PATH CanadaIDRC Only
1990Hepatitis B immunization program in long an county, China : second technical and financial reportGuangxi Anti-epidemic Station; PATH CanadaIDRC Only
1982Hépatite B : un vaccin à la portée de tous?Mbodj, M.Open Access
1999Highlanders and animal production in Ratanakiri : action - research reportJohn, A.IDRC Only
1997Implantation du système d'information informatisé IDEA - VAC dans le programme de vaccination : municipalité de El Sauce, SILAIS de Leon, République du Nicaragua et Cercle sanitaire de Kati, région de Koulikouro, Mali; rapport de rechercheInstitut de développement et d'expertise adaptée inc.; Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Nicaragua, Centro de Investigaciones y Estudios de la Salud Escuela de Salud Pública; Centre national d'immunisationIDRC Only
1992Implementation and management of health care programmes in Kenya : the case of the expanded programme on immunizationOdhiambo-Mbai, CrispinIDRC Only
1982In vitro lymphocyte transformation response as an index of sensitization to tetanus and diptheria toxoids following DPT vaccinationFundación Centro Internacional de Entrenamiento e Investigaciones Médicas; Saravia, N.G.IDRC Only
2009Increasing the demand for childhood vaccination in developing countries : a systematic reviewShea, Beverley; Andersson, Neil; Henry, DavidOpen Access
1995Insecticide - treated bed nets in control of malaria in Africade Savigny, D.; Snow, R.W.; Lengeler, C.; Cattani, J.IDRC Only
2009Knowledge synthesis of benefits and adverse effects of measles vaccination : the Lasbela balance sheetLedogar, Robert J.; Fleming, John; Andersson, NeilOpen Access
1982Leprosy : guarding against the ancient enemyIDRC; Blair, J.Open Access
1982Lèpre cicatriséeBlair, J.Open Access
1990Links to hopeUNDP/World Bank/WHO Special Programme for Research and Training in Tropical DiseasesIDRC Only
1975Malaria incidence in the state of Tamil Nadu, India : reportHyma, B.IDRC Only