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1992South North development monitor, no. 2801-2812, 19 Mar.-3 Apr. 1992Special United Nations Service; Third World Network; Chakravarthi RaghavanIDRC Only
1992South's stake in UNCED : discussion notesThird World NetworkIDRC Only
1992Statements / Environmental NGO position papers for UNCED : phase IThird World NetworkIDRC Only
1994Strategies for national sustainable development : a handbook for their planning and implementationInternational Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources - World Conservation Union; International Institute for Environment and Development; Carew-Reid, J.; Prescott-Allen, R.; Bass, S.; Dalal-Clayton, B.IDRC Only
1991Structure and organization of Agenda 21 : (A / CONF.151 / PC / 42)Third World NetworkIDRC Only
1992Technology and the international environmental agenda : lessons for UNCED and beyond; a report prepared for the Social Sciences Division of the International Development Research CentreIDRC; Rath, A.; Herbert-Copley, B.Open Access
1991Third World Network's plenary intervention on Agenda 21 and institutional arrangementsThird World Network; Khor Kok Peng, M.IDRC Only
1994TogetherNet and the sustainable development DonorNet initiative : networking for research and research capacity building; consultancy reportLanfranco, S.Open Access
1994Towards a SADC NGO action plan for sustainable development : report on the proceedings of the ZERO workshop, Harare, Zimbabwe, 28-30 Sept. 1994ZEROIDRC Only
1992Traditional environmental knowledge : a resource to manage and shareMorin-Labatut, G.; Akhtar, S.Open Access
1992Traditional environmental knowledge : a resource to manage and shareMorin-Labatut, G.; Akhtar, S.IDRC Only
1991Transfer of technology : a briefing document for UNCEDThird World Network; Shiva, V.IDRC Only
1992Transnational corporations hijack Earth SummitThird World NetworkIDRC Only
1992UN restructuring threatens UNCED's follow-up capacityThird World NetworkIDRC Only
1991Why the World Bank cannot be relied upon to promote poverty alleviation and sustainable developmentThird World Network; Abugre, C.IDRC Only