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1997Bolivie 2 : radio - solidarité (émission no. 13)Productions Via Le Monde (Daniel Bertolino); Centre canadien d'étude et de coopération internationale; ACDI; CRDI; Calfat, MarcelIDRC Only
2007Canadian journal of Latin American and Caribbean studies, vol. 32, no. 63, 2007Canadian Association of Latin American and Caribbean Studies; Armony, Victor; Patroni, Viviana; Rousseau, Stéphanie; Guimont Marceau, StéphaneIDRC Only
2000Commercial broadcasting information services to MSEs : final report on the production and development of radio programmeKintu, M.J. RobertOpen Access
1978Communication and its effect on human resources in the developing countriesFarag, S.A.IDRC Only
1985Communication and traditionRuiz, W.Open Access
2002Communications Project to Support the Inter-Congolese Dialogue "Support of Radio Programming"Search for Common GroundIDRC Only
2006Competencia y regulación en las telecomunicaciones : el caso de Costa RicaVargas Alfaro, Leiner; Hernández González, GreivinIDRC Only
1987Computer assisted communication in Africa and the Dakar NGO conferences, May-June 1987Alternet Communications Associations Inc.IDRC Only
1985Comunicación y tradiciónRuiz, W.Open Access
2014Create Barza postFarm Radio InternationalOpen Access
1992Digital radio technology and applications : proceedings of an international workshop organized by the International Development Research Centre, Volunteers in Technical Assistance, and United Nations University, Nairobi, Kenya, 24-26 Aug. 1992IDRC; Volunteers in Technical Assistance; United Nations University; Balson, D.A.; Baiya, H.; Garriott, G.Open Access
2011Dimensions of radio coverage and content generation of agricultural biotechnology news in KenyaKarembu, Margaret; Nguthi, Faith; Nabusoba, Toepista; Oriare, Peter; Nyangaga, Julius; Schaeffer, Heidi; Myers, MaryIDRC Only
2007District integrated management cascadeTEHIPOpen Access
1988Educación y comunicación popular en el PerúPeirano, L.IDRC Only
1985Educación y comunicación popular en el PerúPeirano, L.IDRC Only
1977ERBOL: Escuelas Radiofónicas de Bolivia : una aproximación descriptivaUniversidad Católica Boliviana. Dept. de Ciencias de la Comunicación; CIID; Tirado C., N.; Retamozo L., D.IDRC Only
1994Establishment of community - managed information and communication systems in East Africa : conference report; phase I, 12-14 Oct. 1994, Kagadi village, UgandaEcoNews AfricaIDRC Only
2004Explorando comunicaciones por la paz en Colombia : sistema de comunicación para la Paz, Sipaz IIBeltrán Quintero, Mauricio; Valdés Arcila, Mónica; González, AlirioIDRC Only
2008Farmers' perceptions lead to experimentation and learningMapfumo, Paul; Chikowo, Regis; Mtambanengwe, Florence; Adjei-Nsiah, Samuel; Baijukya, Freddy; Maria, Ricardo; Mvula, Andrew; Giller, KenOpen Access
1987Final report / Depthnews Science Features Service (Phase II)Press Foundation of AsiaIDRC Only