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1990Implementation of public policy in developing countries : a case study of housing in Nigeria's new capital city at AbujaMorah, E.U.IDRC Only
1992Instructional methods for students with mental retardation in TanzaniaMboya, M.W.IDRC Only
1990Literacy training, the state and development in Tanzania : a study of policy and performance, 1967-1989Mlekwa, V.M.IDRC Only
1981New device for recording the feeding activity of milkfishKawamura, G.; Castillo, A.R.IDRC Only
1989Provenance variation in eastern white pine (Pinus strobus L.) : 28th year results from two Southern Ontario plantationsAbubaker, H.I.IDRC Only
1995Rapport final / Voyage d'études : Mexique, du 12 août au 3 sept. 1995Université de Sherbrooke, Ingénierie sans frontièresIDRC Only
1984Rethinking research on teaching : lessons learned from an international studyRyan, D.W.; Anderson, L.W.IDRC Only
2009South American Land Data Assimilation System (SALDAS) 5-yr retrospective atmospheric forcing datasetsde Goncalves, Luis Gustavo G.; Shuttleworth, William J.; Vila, Daniel; Larroza, Eliane; Bottino, Marcus J.IDRC Only
1989Teaching / learning strategies in Lesotho primary school classroomsNational University of Lesotho, Institute of Education; Sebatane, E.M.; Chabane, C.M.; Lefoka, J.P.IDRC Only
Oct-1992Teaching and learning strategies in Lesotho : an empirical perspective of primary school classroomsSebatane, E.M.; Chabane, C.M.; Lefoka, J.P.Open Access
1988Technique de collecte et d'analyse de données sur la mortalité périnatale à Kinshasa, ZaireNzita Kikhela, D.Open Access
1989Techniques for collection and analysis of data on perinatal mortality in Kinshasa, ZaireNzita Kikhela, D.Open Access