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1997Aplicación global del sistema de recoleción de nieblas costeras : informe finalWebb, Derek; Schemenauer, Robert; Cereceda, Pilar; Canto, Waldo; Cruzat, AlejandroIDRC Only
2004Articulating rights : the struggle for democratization and reconciliation in post - independence Namibia, South Africa; final technical reportLebert, J.M.IDRC Only
2010Aufholjagd von Namibia hat begonnenFischer, Stefan; Stork, ChristophIDRC Only
2008Capacity development for local participation in community based natural resource management of Namibia : the #Khoadi //Hôas conservancy experienceTaye, MeseretIDRC Only
2004CBNRM, poverty reduction and sustainable livelihoods : developing criteria for evaluating the contribution of CBNRM to poverty reduction and alleviation in Southern AfricaJones, Brian B.T.; University of the Western Cape, Programme for Land and Agrarian Studies; University of Zimbabwe, Centre for Applied Social SciencesIDRC Only
2008China - Africa economic relations : the case of NamibiaOdada, J.E.; Kakujaha-Matundu, OmuIDRC Only
Jul-2011Climate Change Projections for Walvis Bay: Adding value through downscaling [Annex 30]Tadross, Mark; Johnston, PeterOpen Access
1999Co-operation and networking among SME service providers in Southern AfricaNamibian Economic Policy Research Unit; Hansohm, D.; Blaauw, L.; Erastus-Sacharia, A.IDRC Only
1989CODESRIA bulletin, number 2, 3, 1989 : salute to NamibiaCouncil for the Development of Economic and Social Research in AfricaIDRC Only
2008Community-based conservation and protected areas in Namibia : social-ecological linkages for biodiversityHoole, ArthurOpen Access
Jan-1996Energetic : newsletter of the Energy and Development Research Centre, no. 2, January 1996University of Cape Town. Energy for Development Research CentreIDRC Only
2006Evaluating capacity development for local participation : the #Khoadi //Hôas conservancy experience; final reportTaye, MeseretIDRC Only
2005Exclusion through defined membership in people-centered natural resources management : who defines?Mosimane, Alfons Wabahe; Aribeb, Karl Mutani; University of the Western Cape, Programme for Land and Agrarian Studies; University of Zimbabwe, Centre for Applied Social SciencesIDRC Only
2005Impact of education quality on rate of return to education in Namibia; final technical reportGodana, Tekaligne; Ashipala, John; Adongo, JonathanIDRC Only
2006Impact of education quality on rates of return to education in NamibiaGodana, Tekaligne; Ashipala, John M.IDRC Only
2002Impact of globalisation on the labour market : the case of NamibiaMohamed, Grace; Motinga, DanielOpen Access
2007Impact of VAT on prepaid telecommunication servicesStork, ChristophIDRC Only
2009Interconnection benchmarking in NamibiaStork, ChristophOpen Access
1994Just survivingMétavidea Associates; CIDA; Namibian Broadcasting Corporation; Vidéo Tiers Monde; On Land Productions - Namibia; Vision TV; Gjerstad, O.; Flemington, P.; Rampen, L.; MacDonald, F.; Gwiazda, W.IDRC Only
1987Lesotho law journal, volume 3, number 1, 1987 : special issue on constitutional and other matters concerning South Africa and NamibiaNational University of Lesotho. Faculty of LawIDRC Only