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1999African Economic Research Consortium : evaluation of phase IVHorton, SueOpen Access
1997African Perspectives on Structural Adjustment : A SynthesisMkandawire, Thandika; Soludo, CharlesIDRC Only
1988Agricultural and macroeconomic behavior in Ethiopia's constrained economy : an econometric policy simulation studyMerid, L.IDRC Only
2006Analysis of ex-ante poverty impact assessment practices of macroeconomic policies in NepalInstitute for Policy Research and Development; Raj Khanal, Dilli; Raj Kanel, Nav; Kumar Sharma, RamIDRC Only
2000Annotated bibliography of macroeconomic and adjustment policies in Sri LankaGunetilleke, N.; Wijayasiri, J.IDRC Only
1999Annotated bibliography of macroeconomic and adjustment policies in Sri Lanka in the post 1977 periodGunetilleke, N.; Wijayasiri, J.IDRC Only
2009Applied econometrics and macroeconometric modelling in NigeriaAdenikinju, Adeola; Busari, Dipo; Olofin, SamIDRC Only
2005Applying a local poverty monitoring system : the case of the five wards under Muhammadpur UnionKumar Guha, Ranjan; Reyes, Celia M.; Liguton, Jennifer P.T.IDRC Only
1987Argentina : stabilization and adjustment policies and programmesWorld Institute for Development Economics Research; Fanelli, J.M.; Frenkel, R.; Winograd, C.IDRC Only
1989Argentina's medium term : problems and prospectsCentro de Estudios de Estado y Sociedad; Fanelli, J.M.; Frenkel, R.IDRC Only
1995Assessing progress toward sustainability : development of a systemic framework and reporting structureHodge, R.A.L.IDRC Only
1984Bank financing of the subsidiaries of transnational corporations in Latin AmericaCohen, RobertIDRC Only
Jul-2001Baseline study of formal and non-formal social security systems and schemes in ZambiaMukuka, Lawrence; Kalikiti, Webby; Musenge, Dann K.IDRC Only
1988Behavior of the public sector in Peru, 1970-85 : a macroeconomic approachParedes, C.E.; Pasco-Font, A.IDRC Only
1994Brasil e India : uma análise comparativaMarcovitch, J.IDRC Only
2003Bridging policy and poverty : Micro Impact of Macroeconomic and Adjustment Policies programme in BangladeshPía Riggirozzi, M.Open Access
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Aug-1996Capital account regimes and the developing countriesHelleiner, G.K.IDRC Only
1996Capital account regulations and macroeconomic policy : two Latin American experiencesLe Fort V., Guillermo; Budnevich L., CarlosIDRC Only
1995Capital flight and external debt in NigeriaAjayi, S.I.Open Access