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1994National yellow fever control programme and yellow fever vaccine production : plan of action for the completion of the yellow fever vaccine laboratory, Yaba LagosNigeria. Federal Ministry of Health and Social ServicesIDRC Only
1987Papers / SURAT SeminarShastri Indo-Canadian InstituteIDRC Only
1985Preparation of mosquito specimensTROPMED National Centre of Thailand, TROPMED Museum and Reference CentreIDRC Only
1992Progress report : yellow fever project, Nigeria, July 1991 - Jan. 1992Nasidi, A.IDRC Only
1977Proposal for the establishment of the Asian Institute of FisheriesSEAFDEC Aquaculture Dept.IDRC Only
2010REACH lab project : final reportecGroup Inc.Open Access
1993Report of the inspection in the yellow fever laboratory, 28 Nov. - 4 Dec. : consultancy contractLeusin, SergioIDRC Only
1989Report of the Meeting of Laboratory Based Institutions, Wildey Conference Centre, Dec. 1-4, 1987Caribbean Development Bank, Caribbean Technological Consultancy Services NetworkIDRC Only
1987Report on technical consultancy at federal vaccine production laboratories/ yellow fever vaccine production, Yaba, Lagos, Nigeria-Open Access
1988Resources for learningNamuddu, C.IDRC Only
2005Safeguarding public health through control of food - borne diseases : assessment of risks of Campylobacteriosis and Salmonellosis associated with chicken production, processing and consumption in Morogoro municipality, Tanzania; manual for training of laboratory technicians in diagnosis of zoonotic diseasesSokoine University of Agriculture, Faculty of Veterinary MedicineIDRC Only
1990Semen production and artificial inseminationBhosrekar, M.R.Open Access
1989Slope stability - Rio de Janeiro - Brazil : research report IPontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio de Janeiro, Dept. de Engenharia Civil; de Campos, T.M.P.; Vargas, E.A.IDRC Only
1976Technological improvement of tapioca chips and pellets produced in ThailandAsian Institute of Technology, Environmental Engineering Division; Thanh, N.C.; Pescod, M.B.; Muttamara, S.IDRC Only
Jan-1990Water Quality Control Network : proceedings of the meeting held in Ottawa, Canada, 20-24 Feb. 1989Payment, P.; Sánchez, W.A.Open Access
1990Workshop on the operation, maintenance and repair of scientific equipment for the SADCC countries, Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania, 22 October-9 November, 1990-IDRC Only
1992Yellow fever project : progress report-IDRC Only
1995Yellow fever vaccine production plant-IDRC Only
1992Yellow fever vaccine project : meeting in Nigeria on 1st May 1992IDRC; Nigeria. Ministry of HealthOpen Access