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1987Growth and survival of the oyster Crassostrea rhizphorae of different initial sizes and grown subtidally under different husbandry treatmentsAlexander, L.B. St. G.IDRC Only
1979Health aides make themselves heardHibler, M.Open Access
1993How was I to know?National Council on Libraries, Archives and Information Systems; Jamaica. Ministry of Information and Public ServiceIDRC Only
1972Identity, race and protest in JamaicaNettleford, R.IDRC Only
1989IDRC Bauxite Waste Bricks : second annual report, Sept. 1988 - Aug. 1989Jamaica Bauxite InstituteIDRC Only
1988IDRC Bauxite Waste Bricks project : first annual report, Sept. 1987 - Aug. 1988Jamaica Bauxite InstituteIDRC Only
2006IDRC doctoral research award : technical reportFrater, Terence G.A.IDRC Only
1988Implementation plan for a productivity enhancement program : JamaicaResearch and Productivity Council; Scientific Research CouncilIDRC Only
10-Apr-2014In conversation with Adrian Cashman : how are small-island states in the Caribbean preparing for increased water stress due to climate change?IDRCOpen Access
2013Innovation in the Caribbean Services Sector : Facing the New Challenges of Globalization, Kingston, JamaicaIDBIDRC Only
1974Institute of JamaicaIDRC; Matthews, F.W.IDRC Only
1994Institute of Social and Economic Research and Consortium Graduate School of Social Sciences Information and Documentation System : final reportUniversity of the West Indies; Greene, J.E.; LeFranc, E.; Girvan, N.; Chambers, A.IDRC Only
1974JamaicaEbanks, G.E.IDRC Only
1975Jamaican government's use of radio braodcasting in economic development, 1939-1970Oxley, H.W.IDRC Only
1990Jamaican perinatal survey : synopsis of findings and recommendations from the symposium, Feb. 14-16, 1990-IDRC Only
1990Jamaican society and high schoolingMiller, E.IDRC Only
1986Lado opaco del aluminioToomey, G.; Wagh, A.S.Open Access
1993Ladrillos fabricados con lodo rojoNewton, PeterOpen Access
1992Let's do it togetherUniversity of the West Indies, Caribbean Child Development CentreIDRC Only
1993Local needs as determinants in open space planning and development : a case study of three Jamaican tourist areas; final reportSmalling, D.; Reid, D.G.IDRC Only