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2008Caribbean ICT stakeholders virtual community : CIVIC 2.0 Event; ICT4D Policy Workshop reportWallace, ElaineIDRC Only
1981Caribbean Information System, Jamaica National Information System Socio-Economic Information Network (SECIN) : Workshop on Indexing and Abstracting, National Planning Agency, 9-13 Feb. 1981, Kingston, JamaicaCaribbean Development and Co-operation Committee, Secretariat; National Council on Libraries, Archives and Documentation Services; National Planning AgencyIDRC Only
2009Case for selective user fees in health care : an examination of the issues related to user fees among vulnerable JamaicansBailey, Wilma; Gordon-Strachan, Georgiana; Lalta, Stanley; Barnett, Jasper; Henry-Lee, Aldrie; Alleyne, DillonIDRC Only
1985Commercialization of technology and dependence in the CaribbeanCaribbean Technology Policy Studies Project; University of the West Indies; Odle, M.A.; Arthur, O.S.IDRC Only
1978Commercialization of technology in JamaicaCaribbean Technology Policy Studies Project; Arthur, O.S.IDRC Only
1991Community councils : the Jamaican experience; final report of collaborative research project on organisations for community power and grassroots democracy in Central America and the CaribbeanHenry-Wilson, M.A.; Cooke, R.; Perkins, A.; Berry, S.IDRC Only
1984Consultancy to the National Library of Jamaica on the automation of the National Information System of Jamaica : report on the first visitNewman, W.L.Open Access
2008Consultation : a vehicle for advocacy; CIVIC 2.0 Event, November 11-14, 2008, Santo DomingoTerry, ElizabethIDRC Only
1979Countdown to UNCSTDFleury, J.M.Open Access
1992Cross conditionality banking regulation and Third World debtRodríguez, E.; Griffith-Jones, S.IDRC Only
1979Cultural action and social change : the case of Jamaica; an essay in Caribbean cultural identityNettleford, Rex M.Open Access
1983Development of an information and bibliographic service information systemMcKnight, D.IDRC Only
1979Development process : a Third World perspectiveOntario Institute for Studies in Education; Nettleford, R.; Smillie, I.IDRC Only
1978Directory of development units JamaicaCentro Latinoamericano de Documentación Económica y Social; National Council on Libraries, Archives and Documentation ServicesIDRC Only
1991Dragged down by debtMétavidea Associates; Vision TV; Gjerstad, O.; Flemington, P.; Rampen, L.; Gwiazda, W.; MacDonald, F.IDRC Only
2004Economics of tobacco control in Jamaica : will the pursuit of public health place a fiscal burden on the government?Walbeek, Corné vanOpen Access
1979Educational primer for JamaicaHibler, M.Open Access
1990Effect of bauxite slime disposal on water resources of JamaicaUniversity of the West Indies, Department of Physics; Wagh, Arun S.IDRC Only
1989Effects of devaluation in a small open economy with application to JamaicaThomas, D.IDRC Only
2000Electronic commerce and music business development in Jamaica : a portal to the new economy?UNCTAD; Foga, N.; Montague, M.IDRC Only