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1982Report on a survey of worker's attitudes in the Jamaican hotel industry : preliminary analysisBastin, R.IDRC Only
1984Report on elective experience in Jamaica, Nov. 83 to Jan. 84Nadon, V.IDRC Only
1991Report on IDRC grant for hurricane relief and development to UWI : with special reference to IDRC granteesUniversity of the West IndiesIDRC Only
1990Report on iron nutritional status and nutritional anemia in JamaicaUniversity of the West Indies, Dept. of Pathology and Microbiology; Jamaica. Ministry of Health, Nutrition and Dietetic DivisionIDRC Only
1992Report on the contribution of Caribbean men to the family : a Jamaican pilot studyUniversity of the West Indies; Brown, J.; Anderson, P.; Chevannes, B.Open Access
1989Report on the evaluation of the diploma programme in Jamaican teachers' collegesUniversity of the West Indies, Teacher Education Development Department; Brown, M.M.; Leo-Rhynie, E.A.IDRC Only
1989Report on the marketing of domestic food crops in JamaicaBoyne, LesterIDRC Only
1987Revised report on a survey of the oyster marketMarket Research Services LimitedIDRC Only
1992Role of environmental factors in growth variation of the mangrove oyster Crassostrea rhizophorae in JamaicaHanson, C.M.IDRC Only
1969Roots and rhythms; Jamaica national dance theatre.Nettleford, R.IDRC Only
1997Roundtable on Energy Efficiency, Kingston, Jamaica, Dec. 9-11, 1997Inter-American Program for Environmental Technology Cooperation in Key Industry SectorsIDRC Only
1993Running from radiationMétavidea Associates; Vision TV; Gjerstad, O.; Flemington, P.; Rampen, L.; MacDonald, F.; Gwiazda, W.IDRC Only
Jan-1987Second plan for a national documentation, information and library system for JamaicaNational Council on Libraries, Archives and Documentation Services; IDRCOpen Access
1988Sex ratio, condition and glycogen content of raft cultivated mangrove oysters Crassostrea rhizophoraeLittlewood, T.J.; Gordon, C.M.IDRC Only
1979Si un niño aprende a enseñarse a sí mismoHibler, M.Open Access
1984Significance and structure of hotel food supply in JamaicaBélisle, J.F.IDRC Only
1989Silicate bonded ceramics of lateritesInternational Centre for Theoretical Physics; Wagh, Arun S.; Douse, VictorIDRC Only
1991Silicate bonded unsintered ceramics of Bayer process wasteWagh, A.S.; Douse, V.E.IDRC Only
1990Socio - economic study of small - scale oysterfarming in JamaicaUniversity of the West Indies, Institute of Social and Economic Research; Lalta, Stanley; Espeut, PeterIDRC Only
1995Some experiments with food stamps : a surveySuryanarayana, M.H.IDRC Only